Hi! I’m Christina..

I’m all about helping people find their purpose, ironically I think that’s my purpose.

Living a healthy lifestyle financially and mentally has been goal for a long time. A happier life overall! I am passionate about sharing tips for becoming an entrepreneur, making money online and living a life of financial freedom.

I’ve had a lot of “oops” moments trying to sustain a profitable business. When I say I’ve tried a bit of everything I talk about here, trust me!

Now, I’m sharing every lesson I learn along the way in trying to live the best life possible, whether in health or wealth!

There are loads of great tips, free resources and products I talk about on my blog, all with the purpose of helping you reach your life goals.  And what’s more, the blog is updated regularly, so you’ll never find out of date info here!


I have a huge heart for self care and wellness as well as anything health related. My blog is all about becoming the healthiest me possible, while trying to inspire and encourage others to do the same. Whatever your goals, start now!