17 Best Apps to Make Money When You Need it

February 6th, 2020

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Are you strapped for cash this month or just looking for ways to generate cash on the side?

2020 is officially the year for making money online. What’s more, 2020 is most definitely the year for making money just with your phone.

Did you know you could earn free cash just by downloading a few apps onto your phone?

Who would’ve thought a simple app downloaded within a few seconds could make you some money every month?

The truth is, these apps won’t be able to replace your 9 to 5 job, however they will give you some money every month to pay small bills and maybe even invest!

I have compiled a less of the best 17 apps, I have used myself, that will pay you cash every single day!

Try one or all of these apps to maximise your earning potential and increase the likelihood of making $100 here and there.

 Here’s our list of the very best cash making apps that are free and simple to use..

1. Dosh

If you want to be paid for dining out with friends or family then Dosh is the right place for you.

With this app people get money for doing the things they love doing, such as shopping and eating out.

Get effortless cash back whenever you shop & dine out at stores and restaurants near you. No points, no coupons, no receipts. Just link a card today to start

It will assist you with spending some cash on your buys when you reclaim a Dosh offer. Dosh gives cash back from number of top retailers and online stores.

Practically no work is required. No coupons to cut, no promotion codes, no work. You don’t need to do a thing. Simply get consistent cash back in you Dosh wallet..

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is the place you can get Cash Back for shopping you do daily at more than 2,500 stores.

Becoming a part of Rakuten is free!

Stores pay Rakuten for sending people like you their way. Rakuten then share the commission with you as Cash Back. Win Win!

You can get paid at regular intervals, Plus you get a FREE $10 bonus when you sign up and start earning cashback.

You can start shopping and earning Cash Back as soon as you sign up. Creating a Rakuten account ... We offer a $10 Welcome Bonus to all new members.

Running since 1998, Rakuten has paid people like you and I over $1 billion Cash Back.

That’s huge!

After you make a qualified purchase, you’ll instantly get the Cash Back and be paid via Paypal every 3 months!

Try it out and get a $10 bonus!

3. Toluna

Toluna is by far the best app to get paid for your opinion.

Not only does your answers to questions help all sorts of businesses out there, but you also get paid a pretty penny too!

To participate with Toluna you simply need to answer surveys and redeem points for the rewards of your choosing!

What if you had the power to get your friends and family the products and services they deserve? You can and you will with us!

They pay out via Paypal, amazon gift cards and more.

Not only that but you also get to engage with people in your community and take part in daily lotteries.

The more surveys you take part in the more opportunities you have to earn extra cash. It’s a simple as that!

Download and sign up for Toluna to start earning cash today!

4. Ibotta

IBotta is an app that rewards you for the daily purchases you make every day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying groceries, clothing, electronics, or wine, iBotta will compensate you for all of it!

All you have to do to earn extra cash such as watching videos, answering short surveys and handing in your receipts!”

Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app that gives you real cash for everyday purchases when you shop and pay through the app. Ibotta provides thousands of ways for consumers to earn cash

This easy to use app empowers you to get extra cash by doing things as simple as scanning grocery receipts, watching video clips and buying things on the web.

When you shop with Ibotta, you’ll earn cash back whenever you shop online or in-store. 

Download and start earning today..

5. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a site that allows you to earn money whilst completing your everyday online activities.

This includes reading emails, completing surveys, playing online games or shopping for your favorite brands!

According to InboxDollars’ website, they have now paid out over $56 million of cash rewards. 

They have partnered with some of the most trusted brands in retail, technology, and Market Research to deliver rock solid earning opportunities for consumer like you!

Simply sign up using this link and you’ll get a $5 starter bonus!

what are the best survey sites to use

They also run a UK equivalent of the site called Inbox Pounds (UK only) and offer just as much in rewards as their friends across the pond.

Click on the icons below to download on your device and bag a FREE $5 instantly!

inbox dollars on ios

inbox dollars on android

6. Swagbucks

Go shopping and get cash back!

Swagbucks have been around for a while and are regarded as one of the top players in the game.

All you have to do is to sign into the platform and do your shopping in online stores so as to start gaining SBs.

most favorite online survey sites

Receiving money back is so simple since Swagbucks partner with over 1,500 stores, including Starbucks, Groupon, Amazon, Kohl and much much more!

For each dollar you spend while you’re shopping, you can get up to 20% money back as SBs.

Swagbucks is completely free to sign up and what’s more you get a FREE $5 bonus when you sign up today!

This easy to use app has paid out over $300 million to its clients over the years and have not plan on stopping.

Don’t forget to get $5 when you sign up here >>

7. Healthy Wage

“Health is wealth” It’s not an idiom anymore, nowadays we can actually make money simply by improving our health.

If you’ve ever tried to drop some pounds, then you know exactly how difficult it can be.

Healthy Wage provide the much needed motivation to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

With Healthy Wage it’s simple. Simply make a bet on your weight loss and then compete against others individually or in teams to achieve that goal.

Healthy Wage provide the much needed motivation to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.  With Healthy Wage it's simple. Simply make a bet on your weight loss and then compete against others individually or in teams to achieve that goal.

If you reach your goals you’ll get the money. What more encouragement could you ask for?

Healthywage motivates its users by offering huge prizes for them achieving their weight-loss goals. Prizes go all the way up to $10,000! 

If you ask me that’s an absolute win win!

Prizes go all the way up to $10,000!

Download and start getting fit for cash today..

8. Sweatcoin

Walk and get paid!

Yes it’s that simple. Doing exercise can really allows you to earn extra cash good cash.

Sweatcoin allows you to convert steps into ‘sweatcoins’ which you can spend on free products, cash rewards and services.

Getting rewarded to walk is the ultimate motivation to get up and get money.

we're Sweatcoin. We want a healthier you on a healthier planet. We achieve this by converting your outdoor steps into a currency to spend on cool products and services

Anytime you get up and get moving, Sweatcoin tracks your development and logs it into the app.

It will then change over all the training points you’ve piled on into cold, hard money you can use to purchase things!

Great huh? Check it out >>

9. Vindale Research

Turn your free time into cash.

One of the better survey sites out there, Vindale Research allow you to earn extra money by completing paid surveys.

Simply sign up, enter a few demographic details about yourself, and Vindale Research recommend various types of surveys to you.

Get paid for your opinion! Earn cash for completing paid online and mobile surveys. Make money at home. PayPal payments. Free to join. $1 sign up bonus!

Once you have completed these surveys you’ll get paid via PayPal. Cool right?

You can also earn extra cash by referring your friends and family.

The types and frequency of the surveys depend on how suited you are to them. However they have a variety of subject including shopping, tech, sports, politics, and so on.

Sign up to earn up to $50 per survey and get an instant $1 bonus.

10. Foap

Turn your photos in cash!

Foap is a superb platform for photographers and content creators. Foap is an app that lets you earn cash by selling your photographs on the web.

It’s as simple as take any pic on your smart phone, transfer it and sell it on the Foap market.

Although the rates for sold photos are lower than on Shutterstock or Alamy, with Foap you get a whopping 50% of all pics sold.

As long as you’re consistent and the pics are in demand, it’s totally possible to make at least an extra $1000 every month!

You could potentially make a pretty penny from this app every month, if taking stella pics is your thing!

Try it out..

11. Survey Junkie

If you have ever Googled “Earning money online” I’m sure you’ve come across Survey Junkie!

Survey Junkie, with over 10 million users, are one of the top paid survey sites around.

SJ pay anywhere from $2 to $75 per completed survey.

They describe themselves as ‘The most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts’ and I agree!

It is a proven way to make extra money online and it’s 100% legit!

To get started simply make a profile, which takes a few minutes, answer a couple of questions and voila!

The most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts' and I agree!

Survey Junkie is going to use the information you entered to suggest the best surveys to you.

They have a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot, so you’re actually losing out if you don’t sign up today!

Give Survey Junkie a go!

12. 1Q

1Q – which stands for 1 Question – literally pays you an instant $.25 every time you answer one simple question.

Seriously, it’s that simple!

Instead of scam surveys where they ask you multiple questions only to get rejected, 1Q asks you one at a time to keep racking up the cash!

1Q pays you (or a charity you choose) an instant $.25 every time you answer a simple question. Seriously, It's that simple! Companies ask. You get paid! Instantly

It’s so quick and easy to sign up. All you have to do is wait until a question pops up on your phone and then respond asap to earn cash.

The money is then immediately paid out via Paypal, so no need to wait to reach a crazy high threshold for a payout.

Give it a go..

13. Robinhood

Cash is King. If you want to make money from money then go for Robinhood.

Imagine investing without paying any commissions, well this is exactly what Robinhood offers you.  Robinhood allows your cash to work for you.

They offer variety of advantages that you can invest into, from stocks to cryptocurrencies.

You get a FREE stock worth up to $500 when you sign up and get even more when you refer a friend, so why not give it a go?

Invest in stocks, options, and ETFs, all commission-free. $0 minimum deposit. You can invest on Robinhood Financial LLC without having to pay commission fees. Award winning design. Refer friends, get stocks.

14. Freebird

Freebird is amazing! If you are a user of Uber and Lyft then the Freebird app is a must in your smartphone.  

You can virtually get rewarded for taking rides to work, on a night out, the airport, practically anywhere in an Uber or Lyft!

Freebird enables you to collect rewards points and earn cash back offers for every ride you take with Uber and Lyft. To get started with Freebird

Get a Free $5 bonus to go towards your car rides.

When you rack up enough points you can then swap them over for Cash! 

The even better news is that, if you credit/debit card is linked to the app, when you visit nearby restaurants using the same linked card, you’ll get cash back!

Literally nothing to lose, start racking up points today >>

15. Shopkick


Shopkick is an app that allows you to earn rewards by shopping at the places you do on a daily basis.

Unless many other apps, you can even earn points simply by walking into stores. You don’t need to buy anything!

To earn your ‘kicks’ you can:

  1. Walk in to stores
  2. Scan barcodes
  3. Purchase & submit a receipt
  4. Purchase items from partner stores using an already linked card
  5. Make online purchases
  6. Watch videos

Find the method that suits you best!

Not bad for an app you can use in your spare time.

Shopkick makes earning points completely fun and completely free!

Download now and get rewarded for the shopping you already do!

16. iPoll

Want to get paid for the things you think about everyday?

iPoll allows you to do just that! Get paid for your opinions on products and services from anywhere in the world.

Essentially, iPoll is a market research app that pays you for completing daily missions and surveys.

Simply sign up and answer basic questions to qualify. Once they have an idea of your daily activities they will select the best surveys for you.

It’s completely customised for you and you only!

Each survey or mission gets you rewards which you are able to redeem for Giftcards to use at places like Paypal, Amazon or the app store.

Download and start sharing today!

17. Acorns

Acorns is a spare change investing app that you need to download today!

If you’re especially bad at saving money, Acorns will help you to not only save money you probably don’t even notice is there but they will invest the ‘spare change’ into systems that work best for you.


Acorns is your guide to financial wellness.

They’ll help you invest, save and spend responsibly for just $1per month.

Over 7 million users have contributed to saving their spare change for the future. Get started today >>

So what do you think of this list?

So there you have it!

My list of Apps that can make you extra cash!

Let’s face it, these aren’t gonna make you rich but they can often provide that much needed extra cash in your pocket each month.

Combine a few or even all of these apps to make consistent money each month.

 Give them a go and remember every dollar counts.

If you want to know more about the 10 highest paid ways to generate money working from home in 2020, click here>>

Good Luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!


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13 Apps that give you FREE money in 2020! Use your mobile for extra cash | Live Love Health & Wealth


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