9 Responsive Shopify Themes to Increase Your Conversions

September 10th, 2020

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The Shopify theme you use, could make or break your success on your online store

If have a Shopify store, you must know how to important it is to increase your conversions. 

This is crucial for any Shopify store, so I’m really glad you’re here! 

Driving traffic to your Shopify store is an important aspect of any e-commerce strategy, but if you’re not converting the traffic into paying customers it’s wasted effort.

After all, you want to make some money, right?

Your Shopify theme can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. There has to be a balance between the aesthetic appeal and the practicality of the Shopify theme.

A great Shopify theme will do both, it will be aesthetically pleasing while also converting traffic into sales and improving the customer experience. 

There’s lots to consider when it comes to choosing a theme that suits your store and you might be wondering if themes really matter all that much anyway – especially if you plan to customize them.

My answer is yes!

Shopify themes are so important and choosing the right one will increase your conversions.

Why Themes Matter

When you’re first starting out and are about to begin the process of launching your Shopify store, there’s a lot you need to think about.


Website design should be high on your list of priorities. If you’re not an expert coder, Shopify themes will matter to you and will make your life a lot easier, trust me!

A theme is ultimately a template for your store.

It determines how your store will look and feel and dictates the customer experience.

If you have read my other blog posts, you know how much the overall customer experience affects conversion rates. 

Themes will make it easy for you to customize your store in a way that gives the aesthetic look and feel that speaks to your brand, while also creating a seamless customer experience that makes them want to click that ‘add to cart’ button.

I’ve tested numerous Shopify themes, and some are definitely better than others.

Since it can be time consuming and maybe even a bit daunting to find the perfect theme, I’ve gone ahead and created s list of the best Shopify themes to increase conversions.

Let’s get to it!

1. Debut + GemPages



Now I know Debut is a theme that everybody and their grandmother seems to use, but I’ve included it on this list because it’s such a beautiful way to showcase your products in a streamlined way. 

Debut is a mobile-friendly design with built-in SEO. The way you can make your store stand out with this free theme is to use it with GemPages.

GemPages is a beautiful, easy to use drag and drop page builder available on Shopify.

When using it with the Debut theme, you can fully customize your site and it gives you the necessary control to make your website unique to your brand.

By the time you’re finished you will end up with a professional looking stunning product page. This is what will set you apart from the rest of the ‘Debut’ & ‘Brooklyn’ users.

Key features of this duo include:

  • Built-in SEO
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Fully customizable homepage
  • Responsive web design
  • Conversion-focused design

Cost: Debut is free + $29/month for GemPages Professional

2. Boost


My favourite thing about this theme is the fact it has so many snippets built into the theme itself.

This saves you so much money that you would normally have to spend paying for and installing individual apps to get the functionality you need.

It’s also incredibly fast (2.1x faster than the average theme). Slow websites result in low conversion rates. 

Key features include:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Optimized product page (they recently launched a new one called Marketplace with a very similar design to Amazon’s 3 column layout – great for conversions)
  • Recent sales pop-ups
  • Promotion countdown timer
  • Upsell and Cross-sell pop ups (to boost average order value)
  • Exit intent pop-up
  • Predictive Search
  • Colour swatches

Cost: $180

3. Basel


Basel is a responsive, multi-purpose Shopify theme from Envato Market that can increase conversions.

It’s well-suited for various industries including fashion, electronics, and food and drink. Key features include:

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Compatible with Nitro-apps range (including product bundler and product look book)
  • Fully customizable
  • AJAX search
  • Built-in quick view for products

Cost: $69

4. Handy


Handy is considered a mobile-first theme. This is great for conversions because most of the traffic you see will likely be from a mobile device. 

With built-in Search Engine Optimization and continuous product scroll, this theme has some great features for businesses in any industry.  Key features include:

  • Free stock photos
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Customizable content sections on the home page
  • Built in-styles and colour palettes
  • Social media integration

Cost $160

5. Retina


I love the Retina Shopify theme because it showcases the product through high-quality imagery. Great photos are important for good conversion rates.

By showcasing your products in a way that attracts the attention of shoppers, you can achieve excellent conversion results.

Customers will feel more confident when making their purchase.  Key features include:

  • Focus on high-quality imagery to showcase products
  • Product image zoom
  • Slide-out cart
  • Customizable content sections
  • Drop-down navigation support

Cost: $180

6. Empire


Empire is a comprehensive Shopify theme for stores with large product catalogues.  This theme is actually designed to look like Amazon.

Because of the similarities, Empire can feel familiar to your customers thereby improving your conversion rates.

Key features include:

  • Predictive search feature
  • Perfect for bigger product catalogs
  • Product filtering
  • Home page menu list
  • Customizable promotion tiles
  • Quick buy button
  • Available in three styles – Graphic, Supply, Industrial

Cost: $180

7. Story


Small businesses, this one is for you!

Story is a Shopify theme that works exceptionally well for small businesses because it showcases who you are on a personal level.

By sharing your business narrative, you can bring in loyal customers that want to support you over the big-box names.

Sharing your story can help customers feel connected to your brand, and trust you as an online retailer. Key features include:

  • Story-focused product pages
  • Built-in timeline tool
  • Lookbook feature
  • Collection filtering in sidebar

Cost: $180

8. Retailer


Retailer has a sleek design that works exceptionally well for fashion retailers.

However, it can easily be customized for other industries and niche markets.

I love that the creators of this theme modelled the design after 4 other well-known fashion retailers to improve the trust factor and increase conversions.

  • Drag and drop design
  • Fast and responsive
  • Advanced group filtering
  • Related Products Widget
  • SEO optimized
  • Wishlist page
  • Shipping calculator

Cost: $84

9. Turbo


The Turbo Shopify theme is my favourite paid theme and one that I currently use in one of my online stores.

It’s incredibly responsive and provides a smooth and seamless customer experience.

The responsive design mean it works well, loads quickly, and can help increase conversions by making it incredibly easy and enjoyable to shop.

This theme is able to support high-volume traffic and large product catalogues.

Although it’s a little pricy, you will get everything you need and more with this theme. It really is a game changer for you, if you’re looking to improve the look of your store later on in your Shopify journey.

The related products feature ensure customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Key features include:

  • Super fast loading speed
  • Optimized product pages
  • Dismissible promotional banner
  • Instantaneous page transitions

Cost: $350

Picking the Right Shopify Theme for you

I know you have so many things to think about when launching your business – I’ve been there, it’s tough!

These comprehensive well-designed themes set you up for success by helping you increase your conversions and get you well on your way to a loyal customer base.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) should be a comprehensive strategy that involves a well-designed Shopify store that understands and streamlines the customer experience.

There are many components that make up CRO and you can check out some more tips on how you can skyrocket your Shopify sales and increase your conversion rate here.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!

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