7 Day Star A Blog Course: Choosing Your Hosting Plan (Day 3)

When you’re just getting started, you want a host that’s gonna get you set up super quick, that’s affordable and will have your site running super quick.

I have 1 recommendation for the newbie blogger and you’ll see the reasons why below.

My Recommendation: Bluehost

Bluehost is a staple web hosting platform used by many bloggers around the globe. I am recommending them because I started my blogging career with them and they were so easy to use and set up.

They have hosting plans as low as $3.95/monthand offer a FREE domain when you set up. Now bearing in mind a domain alone will cost you up to $15/year, this is a great deal!


When looking for a web host, cheaper is 90% of the time NOT better.

Each second your site is down, you are potentially losing revenue. That is why you shouldn’t skimp on webhosting bugdet.

My site has jump leaps and bounds since switching to Namehero.

Bluehost is my favourite web host. They offer great value for money.

Plus, you won’t have to purchase a domain elsewhere and then connect it to your host.

If you want to take blogging seriously, get started with a Bluehost plan from the start.

If you haven’t registered your domain yet, it’s time. The good news is Bluehost offer you a FREE domain for 12 months when you purchase hosting with them.

Here’s how to get started:

Use the link below, and click “Get Started”:

Choose the Bluehost plan you would like to choose based on your needs:

If you are just starting out, you can select their basic package and grow to a bigger hosting package when you need it.

Once you have selected your package, you will be prompted to enter your existing domain (the one you already purchased) or create a new domain (FREE on Bluehost).

Once you have selected your domain, you will enter your account information then confirm your payment plan and payment information.

Choose either a 12, 24 or 36 month plan. The longer you go for, the cheaper it is.


Watch out for pre-ticked add-ons. If you don’t want the optional extras, make sure you uncheck the boxes.

Domain Privacy + Protection is always good to have as this will make sure your name/address are not released to the public.

Deselect the “Codeguard Basic” and “SiteLock Security – Essential”. You simply do not need these when you’re just starting out.

Once you’ve entered you payment information, click “Submit” and you’re done!

Now let’s move on to setting up your Blog on WordPress..

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