How Many Followers on tik tok Do You Need to Get Paid?

February 19th, 2021

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Does the number of followers affect how much you get paid on TikTok? With the 2020 pandemic putting so many people around the world out of work, they are starting to find alternative ways to earn money.

Social media has been a powerful source of revenue for a lot of people for the past few years.

The coveted “influencer” title can earn quite a lot of money for just posting a picture or short video.

The recent addition to the most popular social media platforms is TikTok. Originally called, users post short one-minute videos to entertain their followers.

Famous TikTokers had their videos go viral before earning money, so just how many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid?

If you want to increase your revenue or are just curious, here is all you need to know about how to get paid on TikTok!

Can you get paid on TikTok?

Although TikTok is relatively new and has not yet found an efficient way for TikTokers to make money off of ads like YouTube has, you can still make some serious money if you build enough of a brand name.

It is not enough for you to just sign up and start earning money—you obviously need to have some sort of large group of followers for companies to want to pay you for promotions.

Some of the highest paid TikTokers are earning seven figures! It’s difficult, however, it is definitely possible. 

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How many followers on TikTok do you need to get paid ?

The good news is you can get paid on TikTok with as little as 1000 followers. This could happen through brand deals, promoting affiliate links or driving traffic to your own products/services.

If you have a specific niche where certain brands would profit off of partnering with you, then it wouldn’t matter if you only had 10,000 followers because they would still see you as valuable.

Regardless, estimates put the number anywhere from 10,000 to a million followers needed before you can really be able to monetize your account.

Ideally, TikTok wants you to consistently gain new followers. If you gain 500-2000 new followers every day, then you are very likely able to be verified and monetized.

How many likes TO GET PAID on TikTok ?

Likes are incredibly important for your account to get more traction and eventually get paid. When people interact with your videos, TikTok pushes those videos forward and it is more likely to reach the “For You” page.

An account needs to have more than just a video with millions of likes. It needs to be a whole package of constant uploads, comments, likes, views, and more.

Interactions are the most important aspect when determining how much you could potentially be paid through this app.

How many views TO GET PAID on TikTok ?

Once you start reaching over 10,000 views on your videos, you have the ability to start earning money.

Reach out to smaller brands at that point that align with your values and interests and see if they would sponsor you or a post.

You’ll find that they might pay $100-$500 for every post that features their product.

To start making a lot of money, you would need to average at least 50,000-100,000 views per video.

Brands might start paying you $1000-$10k per post! Essentially, the more views your videos rack up, the more people who see them.

Brands want as many people possible to see their product and service, so they’ll be willing to pay for in order to achieve that.

It is not just about how many views your video makes on your account, though.

If you get reposted or featured on media platforms such as newspapers, magazines, and TV shows, that is even more fame and notoriety for your account.

The more viral content and watch time you have, the quicker you’ll reach monetization.

Best ways to get paid on TikTok in 2021

There are multiple avenues on TikTok for you to try and earn money from.

One option is to be gifted virtual coins by your followers.

You have to have at least 1000 followers to go live, and once you do those followers can gift you coins during the live stream.

TikTok users purchase coins on their account, ranging anywhere from 100 to 10,000 coins and for a few dollars to a hundred.

The gifted coins accumulate until you can trade them in for real cash. TikTok and Google/Apple keep a percentage of it, but the rest is yours. If you have a large following and they give you enough coins during your lives, you could make some good money just by live-streaming.

Another option, and the most obvious one, is through brand partnerships, promotions, and affiliate marketing.

If you go viral and become a popular TikToker, brands will quickly start to reach out to ask you to partner with them and promote their products.

Congratulations, you’ve just become an influencer. Marketing pays incredibly well, most commonly ranging from $50,000-$150,000 when partnered with a good brand.

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product to your viewers, they click on the link, and you earn a small commission.

The final option to make money is to sell your own merchandise.

This is a very common occurrence for influencers across all social media platforms. When you’ve built enough of a fan base, you can set up a Shopify or Teespring store and sell designs that you’ve made for your brand.

It is almost like selling fan merch as a musical artist—it creates a sense of community.  

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If you want to be an influencer and TikTok star, understand that it can be quite hard to get noticed and have a video go viral.

If you do happen to earn some fame on the app, remember that the FTC guidelines still apply to TikTok, so you’ll always have to disclose whether a video is a promotional advertisement or not.

While it isn’t exactly known how many followers or likes you need to have to start monetizing your account, it’s clear the more of each you have the more successful you’ll be on TikTok.

Good Luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!

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