14 Hobbies That Make Money (Work from Home Ideas 2020)

January 21st, 2021

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Hobbies are supposed to be the things that you do in your spare time for fun or to pass the time.

However, taking up a hobby can be a real way to make money in 2020, especially if you’re a stay at home mom.

Being a mom is fulfilling enough as it is, but sometimes you need to bring in some extra cash to replace the regular income you were used to getting.

Yes! There are actually hobbies that make money.

The amount of money varies hobby to hobby, however you can expect to earn as much as $200 a day from some.

I, for one, love to be making my own money and be doing what I love at the same time!

For most hobbies, there are ways in which you can earn extra cash from them. 

After 2 years of being a mom, I believe I have mastered the art of making money while being at home and I want to make sure you can do the same!

These hobbies are really flexible and allow you to dictate your own schedule. 

This means that your income is not fixed and the money you will earn from them will depend on the work you put in.

So if you’re a stay at home mom, this is an ideal way for you to make money.

These are, in my opinion, the best hobbies that make money in 2020. I have chosen the most ‘flexible’ of hobbies out there because I know how hard it can be to juggle kids, husband, chores and the rest!

Creating a full time income working from home is definitely possible. Some of these hobbies, turn into passive income, with the potential of making money while you sleep!

Whether you’re able to work part time or full time, there are money making hobbies here to suit all!

Here are 14 hobbies which include 32 different ways, to make money working from home!

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1. Teaching

Teach online

If English and Maths are your strong points, then you could find students looking to improve their grades and start tutoring them.

It is flexible because you could spend 3-4 hours each day tutoring and spend the rest with your kids.

You will usually need to be Fluent in English and have a degree of some sort (requirements vary from company to company).

Yes, just being able to speak English could earn you $14-22 an hour. This is definitely a hobby that pays!

VIPKid is a great online education system which offers English lessons to children in China.

Teach Away also has a great range of jobs available for online teaching, check them out.

Musical instruments

teach online

Learning to play the violin when you were younger doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now does it?

If you particularly skilled with any musical instruments, find people/kids in your local area to teach and charge a fee.

As you get more clients, you can up the fee.

If you love teaching and think you could create a series or course that would inspire others, then sign up to Skillshare. 

Skillshare is a community of experts and entrepreneurs when people can go to get instructor led classes/tutorials on various topic.

They’re currently offering a 2 month FREE trial so why not give it a go!

2. Writing

Do you enjoy writing in your spare time? This is one hobby that has made me over $3k every month writing articles for other businesses.

If you’re a great little writer and have a decent amount of computer knowledge, you’ll be able to generate extra income.

Publishing short stories

Amazon is full of amazing books, short stories and digital books written by people like you and me!

Use your kids wild imaginations as inspiration to write short stories and you could publish these in stores or online for money.


If you enjoy writing and have a specific skill, then you have the option of producing ebooks.

You could either sell your own ebooks on social media or a website, or you could offer your ebook writing services on Fiverr.

Freelance Writer

You can get paid as a Freelance writer for blogs, websites, newspapers etc.

Sites such as Problogger and Freelance Writing Jobs advertise jobs daily.

Start by doing your research into Freelancing and working on a plan. I go into more detail here.

3. Internetting

Internetting is total a word, and many have found extremely lucrative ways to make money through their hobbies.

Here a some things you can do at home that only require your brain, a laptop and great WIFI:

Become a Social Media “Guru”

social media marketing guru make money as an assistant

There are ways surfing on social media all day can make you money. Many people are becoming managers of businesses’ social media accounts and trust me, it pays!

In your first year, you can expect to make $15-50 per hour with this hobby. You can earn just as much as a Pinterest account manager. Find out how to make money using Pinterest.

Many businesses are too busy to handle communication, posting schedules, so they’ll pay people like you to manage their accounts for a certain amount of hours.

Each platform has its own money making opportunities, so figure out what works for you. Stick to one at a time and you could actually make quite a bit of cash.

We spend hours on end checking Facebook, instagram, Pinterest etc.

So why not turn all those endless hours on Social Media into actual real life cash money? 

Virtual assistant

There are businesses and companies out there that pay people to perform services such as:

  • Reading and Answering emails
  • Customer service
  • Administrative duties
  • Manage Social Media
  • Create advertising/ Graphics

Becoming a virtual assistant as a stay at home parent could be extremely lucrative and totally replace your full time income.

Create a list of skills you could offer and advertise your services on Fiverr or Upwork.


Blogging was my 2019 go to! With a new baby and having just left my job, I was completely stuck for ways to make money from home.

This is clearly an amazing way to earn money while at home with the kids and something you’ll be able to do in your spare time as a hobby.

It requires very little upfront investment and you could be up and running in less than a month.

Write 15 killer posts about something you are passionate about, launch your blog and build on ways to monetize it.

You can start a blog for just $3.95 a month and in 3 months you could be making over $5k every month thanks to blogging.

It’s never been easier to start a money making blog in 2020!

If you want to learn more about how to start a money making $5k+ a month Blog, click here for the Step by Step Guide..

Online store

E-commerce in 2020 is booming and it is only set to grow.

Quite honestly if you’re looking to find a business that works from home, opening an online store is the way forward.

Opening you very own Dropshipping store is a great way to start making money from home, and you are great on a computer, this is perfect for you. Click here to learn more about Dropshipping.

Many have also made hundreds of thousands every year purely  selling on Amazon with Amazon FBA. If you’d like to learn more about how you could make at least $5k a month with Amazon FBA, click here >>

4. Taking photos

Do you enjoy taking pictures as a part time hobby? Well your humble photographs could actually earn you a pretty penny on the side.

Sell your photos 

If you have a special skill with the Camera, turn it into a money maker by selling your pics online to sites such as:

  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Alamy
  • iStock
  • 500px
  • Foap

The great thing about this side hustle is that it turns into passive income. All you need to do is take the picture, you’ll see repeated sales and earn commission from a photo you took once. 

Take photos for Events

sell your photos online

Start taking pictures at small events and create a portfolio.

Offer to take pictures for friends at a discount rate and once you build up your photography portfolio is built up you could charge higher fees for Weddings and other special events.

5. Reading


Is your favourite hobby or pass time reading books or articles?

Well you could get paid to proofread documents for large companies.

As a proofreader your job is to correct spelling mistakes and improve grammar.

So if you have an eye for detail, turn it into a thriving fully fledged business.

Learn how you can start a Proofreading Career from Home here.

6. Hand making craft items

If being creative is your thing, here are some things you can do to make money working from home.

Etsy is the place for selling unique handmade items from the comfort of your own home.

Check out Etsy right here.

Learn on Skillshare

Handmade body creams/lotions

My first purchase on Etsy was a handmade belly balm with only natural ingredients.

You could be selling the exact same product and create a range of luxury handmade natural products.

Candle Making

candle making

Hand making unique one of a kind candles could make you a pretty penny online.

Find a way to stand out from the crowd and then open up shop on Etsy.

It is extremely easy to learn and doesn’t cost loads to get started.

Knitting or Quilting

Knitting or Quilting is a special talent and one that people are always on the hunt for.

The great news is because of the time and effort that goes into these pieces, you often have the option to sell them for a much higher cost on somewhere like Etsy.

Create a unique stand out shop that will speak to a special audience.


Whether it’s baby clothes, women’s clothing or even pet clothes, if you have a special skill with the sewing machine then you could make this your business.

Go for a niche market like pet clothing or something that makes you stand out.

Soap Making / Bath products

I recently did a product research search on Amazon and saw bath bombs, yes bath bombs, making an incredible $250,000 a month!

If this doesn’t scream there’s a market for bath products I don’t know what does!

People love gifting products such as these ones, so can be great item to sell around the holidays.

Believe it or not, you could create a real bath bomb business from scratch!

It sounds too good to be true but read here to find out how..

7. Pet sitting

dog walk with rover earn money today fast

Do you love animals or have any pets?

You could set up a pet sitting/walking business from home.

Find pets in your local neighborhood and start offering out your services.

Pet Boarding

You could start taking care of your friends pets when they go away, turn it into an established business and start making money!

Join services like Rover, where pet owners look for people to have their pets stay at your house for short and extended stays.

8. Gardening

Who knew spending time in the garden could bring in some extra cash every month? Many people garden as a hobby but have no idea you can make money from it.

Making money from a gardening business doesn’t necessarily mean getting down on your hands and knees and planting flowers for hours on end.

It is very possible to have a gardening business without the manual labor.

gardeing as a stay at home mom

Sell Gardening Kits

There are people out there selling gardening kits and making quite a bit of money.

They sell seeds to unusual plants, instructions and make a killing on Amazon.


If gardening is your thing, why not teach others to perfect their perennials.

Better yet, start a blog dedicated to gardening techniques or plants!

You could even create a Youtube channel or Skillshare course detailing everything you know about our outdoor space.

Start a gardening business

You could manage a team of gardeners who go around to clean and maintain peoples gardens.

Build up a great team of people who know what they’re doing.

It could become a thriving business with regular clients on the books.

9. Baking

One of my favourite hobbies and very first side hustle was baking.

I had a passion for making cakes, decorating them and it was only 2 years into it that I decided to make money selling my baked goods.

You could start to create your little baked goods and market them at playgroups or small events.

Once you have a great portfolio, create an instagram, facebook and Pinterest profile to get your services out there!

Create stand out beautiful baked goods that cater to people’s specific dietary requirements, such as Vegan, Dairy Free etc.

10. Cooking

Recipe blog

If you love cooking and coming up with new recipes, start your very own recipe blog. These types of blogs are extremely popular and get a ton of views!

Start by posting a new recipe every few days and promote them on Pinterest for Free!

Implement ways to monetize your blog and you could have a full time income on your hands.

Cooking for locals

People pay for convenience.

There are a lot of people out there too busy to make home cooked meals every day and you could potentially profit from that.

Offer a service that provides home cooked meals in your local area, delivered to their door.

If you are already cooking for your family and have a car, this is a no brainer.

Recipe Boxes

Convenience in 2020 is priority for a lot of people.

Preparing little boxes with ingredients and a recipe and delivering it to people is a great way to start making money.

Offer an organic recipe box subscription with free delivery and generate a profit from it.

11. Organizing

If you are a great organizer there a few ways you could turn this into a business.

Make organization videos

The Sunday Stylist creates organizational videos on Youtube and has had over 3 million youtube views.

She shows off organization skills, tips, hacks and recommends products. 

Organize events

Hen Parties, Baby Showers, Parties etc.

The list is endless when it comes to organizing someones special event.

Becoming an event planner for example can provide a great little boost to your income.

Target those who have issues planning or staying organized.

12. Shopping

If shopping is your thing there are some great ways to make money at the same time.


Cashback sites, such as Quidco, Ebates and Swagbucks pay you a cash reward when you click through from them to buy goods or financial products.

Something as simple as completing your usual weekly grocery shop could earn you back money to pop into your savings pot. 

Reviewing products

Youtube is the place to find an in depth review for a product you have been wanting to purchase.

If you have gadgets, beauty products, home decor items at home, why not dedicate a Youtube channel or blog towards reviewing these products.

You could honestly turn this into a $3,000 a month business by incorporating affiliate marketing.

Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper is a great way to earn some extra coin, that doesn’t require an 8 hour shift.

It won’t make you a full time income but could help pay for little weekly treats.

13. Parenting

Run a Daycare

day care

Childcare costs are through the roof, which is why a lot of stay at home moms and dads are looking for part time alternatives.

You could set up a small daycare running from your premises. 

Setting up a child care service doesn’t have to be daunting.

A friend of mine raves about this guide to starting a daycare, which shows you how to create a business step by step.

If you’re great with kids including your own and fancy the idea of making money from it, this could be for you.

Try it out!

14. Exercising

Becoming a trainer

become a personal trainer

If you are great at sticking to your fitness goals by eating right and working out, why not teach someone to do just that?

If you aren’t quite where you want to be, document your own fitness journey and use this as a way to market your training.


Moms love to know there are other moms in the area getting together a have a general chat.

Your class could be any of the below exercises and does not involve a special degree.

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Aerobics
  • Baby and me classes

Set up a weekly exercise class at yours (if you have the space and invite local mommys charging a small fee.

What an amazing way to meet new people and get others closer towards their fitness goals!

Final thoughts..

The great thing about a lot of the hobbies mentioned is that they don’t require huge start up costs. All of the hard work is done upfront but once it’s established the money will keep rolling in.

If one doesn’t work out move onto the next and turn it into a legitimate side hustle.

Start with what you know and grow from there.

Use your community to reach out to people and do not sleep on the Internet.

The internet is an amazing resource that allows you to learn, develop and market new ideas.

Remember every great business started from somewhere. Keep at it, whatever you do!

Take to time to learn now and if you are dedicated enough you could turn your hobby into a full time income! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on the best hobbies that make money from home for moms and dads!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!



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