How to Become a Pinterest Manager

July 8th, 2020

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Did you know you could earn a full time income by becoming a Pinterest Manager?

I know for sure, when I was scrolling Pinterest all those years ago looking for advice on the best flowers for your garden, I never thought there would be a way to make money from pins.

You can literally Pinterest everything nowadays!

When I become a blogger a year ago, Pinterest was the main platform I was using to grow my traffic. And with good reason.

Pinterest has not only exploded my traffic by 600% but it has also allowed me to generate a full time income working from home.

Being a Pinterest Manager takes work!

When I started to grow my Pinterest account at the beginning of my blogging career, boy was it tough!

A lot of long nights, several thousand coffees later and mistakes a long the way, I now think of myself as a Pinterest Expert.

Here’s a view of my Pinterest account back in 2019 when I started:


4 months into my journey in February:


And just last month in June:


I started pinning every day back in February and have seen a huge increase in traffic because of it.

It’s crazy to see the results of 4 months of hardcore pinning on Pinterest.

Results you just don’t get with Google so quickly.

What makes Pinterest so special?

My Pinterest journey started in October 2019 and since then I have grown my Pinterest account:

  • Over 2 million monthly viewers
  • 3,100 followers on my Pinterest account
  • 2500-3000 people visiting my site every day

There are over 2 billion searches performed on the Pinterest search engine every month. Pinterest is incredibly powerful and more people every day are jumping onboard.

As a Pinterest Manager for myself, I have seen significant traffic to my site. As long as you put in the work, you’ll be able to make money doing the same for other businesses.

What is a Pinterest Manager and What will I do?

As a Pinterest Manager, you aren’t limited to one specific thing. Think of them as as a jack of all trades, master of all of them.

When you grow a Pinterest Business account, not many businesses consider how much work is involved. This is the reason why Pinterest Managers / Virtual Assistants are so in demand. 

Your job as a Pinterest Manager is to help your clients grow their business. This means you will impact their website traffic, Pinterest followers, Pinterest monthly viewers, and email lists.

That is a big deal!

For businesses who rely on Pinterest to go alongside their business, the work you do for them is essential.

You will get paid to:

  • Set up Pinterest Business accounts for clients
  • Creating rich pins
  • Creating ‘clickable’ Pin graphics
  • Perform targeted KEYWORD research/SEO
  • Creation of Pinterest boards and acceptance into group boards 
  • Scheduling Pins to Pinterest Boards
  • Tailwind set up 
  • Scheduling pins with Tailwind
  • Joining Tailwind Tribes
  • Create and Manage Pinterest ads
  • Provide progress reports


As you can see from the above list, you’ll be able to create a relatively high priced package to include a variety of management services.

The services you offer should be inline with the client’s main objective.

Most businesses want to hire a Pinterest Manager to help grow their Pinterest account, because they simply don’t have the time.

Think about which services take the most time / most expertise to do, that you can therefore charge more for.

At a basic level, you should be offering at least 2 maybe 3 packages, so your clients have a choice of lower, mid range and expertise price.

Here’s an example of a work with me page offering simple services:

va become a pinterest manager and make money - pinterest manager services page

And here’s one with a little more detail for the Pinterest Manager with a little more experience:

become a pinterest manager and make money - pinterest manager services page

Difference between Pinterest Manager & Pinterest Virtual Assistant

You’ll see more results on google for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant than you would Pinterest Manager.

While the two are extremely similar, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone who assists online businesses and bloggers market their websites, content, and products on Pinterest.

Whereas a Pinterest Manager will usually take full control of a businesses Pinterest account and grow it as if it were their own.

As a Pinterest Manager, you will take strategic actions to grow a business. A Pinterest Virtual assistant will get told which actions to take instead.

Think of a store assistant and store manager. Essentially the same job, just more responsibility and control.

People are willing to pay more for a Pinterest Manager because you are an expert on Pinterest Marketing. 

As a Pinterest Manager, you need to be up to date with the latest Pinterest changes, study which Pins bring in more traffic and know what’s trending.

How much does being a Pinterest Manager pay?

The question should be: How much should I charge as a Pinterest Manager?

How much you charge as a Pinterest Manager really depends on you, however most Pinterest Managers charge $25 an hour to start.

Are you dedicated to the cause?

If you work hard and start pitching for clients from the beginning, you’ll be able to grow really fast and start earning from the start.

Some Pinterest Managers charge anywhere from $200 to $1000 a month, depending on the level of work involved.

If Pinterest is life right now, then why not get paid while doing it?

Pinterest is an ideal work from home job for anyone, whether you’re fresh out of college or a stay at home mom.

You’ll be able to set your own schedule and take on as many clients as is comfortable.

For example, if you know it’ll take you between 4 hours per client per week and only want to work 36 hours a week, then you know you can have only 9 clients a month.

9 clients @ $400 a month is already $3600.

Imagine when you get a little more expertise, you’ll be able to increase your fee.

Alongside my blog, I also manage 2 exclusive clients and that’s all thanks to Pinterest.

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So what do I need to get started as a Pinterest Manager?

Step 1: Soak it all in

Take a crash course on Pinterest, whether that’s through a course or spending time yourself getting to know the platform.

One course I found extremely useful was Making Pinterest Possible by Ana @ The She Approach.

Read all about Pinterest policies and best practices. Stay up to date with all of their algorithm changes.

Be sure to perform various searches on Pinterest to get an idea of what is out there.

Also, sign up to Pinterest Newsletters so you’re always in the know.

It sounds overwhelming in the beginning, but once you know the ins and outs of the Pinterest search engine, you’ll be able to use it to make a lot of money.

Step 2: Start your own Pinterest Account

When you offer your services as a Pinterest Manager, you have to be able to back it up.

Showing your own Pinterest growth is a great way to do that.

This is something you should do from the start to give you time using the platform.

On your Pinterest account get to know how to:

  • Set up your profile
  • Converting your personal account to a business account
  • Enable Rich Pins
  • Add Pin Images with relevant hashtags/descriptions
  • Join group boards
  • Read your Pinterest analytics

Start doing this as soon as possible!

Sign up to Canva(FREE) which is the online software I still use to create all of my pin graphics.

Start a business profile from scratch and begin to build it with a combination of yours and other pins.

You can also buy a bunch of Pinterest Pin Templates to get you started straight away.

if you don’t have the budget, why not try out these 10 FREE Pinterest Templates:

Get 10 FREE Pinterest Templates to Boost Your Blog Traffic!

Create your own Clickworthy Pins!
Increase Blog Traffic
 Easily Customizable using Canva

Step 3: Utilize Tailwind from the beginning

A majority of your clients will request you use Tailwind to schedule their pins.

If not, as a Pinterest Manager this is definitely something you should be offering in your package anyway!

Tailwind allows you to set up their Pinterest Schedule way in advance and will save you doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Step 4: Build an Online Portfolio

As well as building your Pinterest profile, you should also have a website set up for your potential clients.

A well designed website will make or break your career as a Pinterest Manager.

Click here to build a free website with Builderall >>

A website will not only give you an opportunity to display your services easily but it will also make you look a lot more professional.

All you’ll need in the beginning is:

  • An about me page combined with a work with me page (like the one below)
  • A contact Page (client enters their requirements on this page)

Haskin Creatives


Step 5: Reach out!

Now is the time to start reaching out to potential clients.

Start reaching out to clients on Facebook, people you know or post your services on sites like Upwork and

Instagram is a good place to find potential clients.

Chances are they’ve taken the time to grow only one social media platform and haven’t even looked at Pinterest.

If you have a small budget to start, you could run low cost ads on Google (or Bing) advertising your services.

Offer discounted rates in the beginning just to drum up business.

Ready to get started as a Pinterest Manager…

If you believe you have what it takes to become a Pinterest manager, then start now.

The above guide will give you a head start and the rest will follow.

Be sure to start charging from the start, your services aren’t free.

Keep stats of every client account you have, so you can keep track of the progress you’ve made.

You will have the opportunity to learn as you go along, like I did when I first started.

Use the above tips to get started and build your online portfolio.

The Pinterest possibilities are endless as long as you take in as much knowledge as you can.

If you want to know everything about Pinterest, from creating beautiful click-worthy pins to exploding Pinterest traffic, then check out Making Pinterest Possible here.

Will you take the plunge and become a Pinterest Manager? Comment below, like and share. As always..

Good Luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!

Pinterest Manager

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