8 Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales on Shopify

September 7th, 2020

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level and see your Shopify sales skyrocket?

After years of testing, trial and error, and extensive research I am going to share with you my top 8 tips to improving your Shopify sales.

As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your knowledge up-to-date.

In today’s online world, things are ever-changing.

It’s crucial to stay informed, understand the latest technology, and use the experience of others to grow your business.

Business owners are life-long students – it’s how we grow, improve, and ultimately scale our businesses.

The ability to keeping learning is what makes the biggest impact.

Shopify is an amazing platform that allows you grow and scale your business. Whether that’s within the dropshipping business model or selling your own products.

There are specific tactics you can implement quickly, that will improve your sales on Shopify.  Here are the top 8 ways to improve your sales revenue on Shopify:

1.Implement Quantity Breaks

Quantity Breaks are an effective way to increase your average sales per customer, this increasing your revenue.

They are a tiered-pricing system that give your customers a discount when they buy a higher quantity of items. The more they buy, the more they save.

quantity breaks volume discount shopify store

It’s truly a win-win scenario in e-commerce shops, and it can improve your sales revenue on Shopify.

There are hundreds of apps on Shopify that will allow you to offer quantity breaks in your Shopify store, but some stand out over the rest.

These are the ones I have got the most use out of.

  • Bold Quantity Breaks by Bold: this Shopify app costs only $20 per month and offers unlimited quantity break pricing. It’s fully customizable and also helps you apply discounts and quantity breaks in bulk with great visuals making the experience very customer friendly.
  • Volume & Tiered Discounts by Hulkapps.com: this Shopify app is completely free, and great for first-time users. It is easy to set up, and you can add unlimited discount levels. There is a more comprehensive plan available for $9.99 per month making this a very affordable option.
  • Discounts & Quantity Breaks by Websites-on-Demand: this Shopify app offers customers reductions through quantity breaks, while still allowing them to use many styles of discount codes. As customers purchase more, they can access better discount stages that are set and customized by you. With free options available, it’s also an affordable option and great for small businesses.

Top Tip: Use a Shopify app to incorporate quantity breaks in your store. Your customers will be motivated to buy more products to save them money which affects your bottom line.

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2. Shipment fulfillment services

Using a shipment fulfilment service can save you time, and money while ensuring your customers have a consistent experience. 

Fulfilment services can help your products get to market more quickly, help you access a global customer base, reduce customs delays, and improve customer satisfaction resulting in repeat clientele.

As on e-commerce site, you should aim to have 3-5 day shipping guarantees – this will improve both conversion and customer satisfaction rates.

This type of expedited shipping is incredibly easy with EasyShip and Salehoo.

These are two Shopify apps that can help you achieve outstanding results using a shipment fulfillment service. 

EasyShip is an all-in-one shipping platform. They offer 250+ courier services, while automating your logistics for multiple sales channels.

From a conversion perspective, EasyShip can improve conversion rates by showing actual costs for courier solutions.

Salehoo is an easy drop shipping tool that integrates with Shopify. It will give you access to hundreds of trending items to sell on your store thereby increasing your sales and giving your customers what they want.

Top Tip: Use a shipping fulfilment service to increase your conversion rates while saving time and money. EasyShip is a Shopify platform that will help get your products to your customers within 3-5 days while offering a host of other benefits for business owners and customers.

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3. Offer Partial Payments

Partial Payment services will improve your conversion rates.

Flexible payment options are increasingly popular on Shopify stores, and for good reason!

It allows customers to make a purchase they otherwise may have declined due to the ability to make multiple payments rather than one upfront charge.

Top Tip: Integrating Shopify apps like Partial.ly can attract new customers and set you apart from the competition. Secure more sales with flexible payment options.

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4. Include FAQs

Your FAQ page is one of the most valuable tools you can use to improve your conversion rate and it can skyrocket your sales when done correctly.

Most FAQ pages are cumbersome and hard to navigate which negatively affects the customer experience and puts a roadblock in your conversion funnel.

Anticipate questions and answer them clearly and concisely. Flowery language is unnecessary in an FAQ, get straight to the point!

Top Tip: Optimize your FAQ page. Find similar products on Amazon and check out their FAQ. This will help you anticipate what customers need to know before they buy.

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5. Use a Loyalty programme

Think about some of your favourite brands that you shop at repeatedly, do they have a loyalty program?

Many top brands offer some sort of loyalty program.

The reason is simple, they work!

When you have many competing brands, a loyalty program can encourage repeat customers and give them an incentive to stick with you rather than shopping around.

Loyalty programs motivate more frequent purchasing, especially when the rewards are seemingly ‘worth it’ from a customer perspective.

Top Tip: Create a loyalty program to improve customer retention. Download one of Shopify’s automated loyalty apps to streamline the process and reward repeat customers.

You can also set up notifications on your Shopify store, so that customers are alerted whenever a new product is released.

This can prove to be more valuable than email notifications.

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6. Always offer bundles

Product bundling is an excellent way to offer value to your customers while increasing your sales.

Shoppers love bundled products because it makes them feel like they are getting a great deal.

We have likely all bought something because of product bundling.

Customers love bundling and it can also help you manage your inventory by combining slow-selling products with top sellers.

Top Tip: Review your inventory and sales data. Create bundles that offer value to your customers while helping you move overstock or slow-selling items.

Have a look at similar products on Amazon and check the ‘frequently bought together’ section to get product recommendations.

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7. Guarantees are a must

increase sales on shopify

Guarantees will improve customer trust and increase your sales.

A guarantee is powerful and speaks directly to your customer.

Shopping online involves some level of risk – you don’t always know exactly what you are getting, and you may not know the brand or shop owner.

As a consumer, a shop guarantee removes that risk. 

It tells the customer you are so confident in the quality of your product that you are willing to offer a guarantee.

Top Tip: Create effective sales copy to offer a guarantee to your customers. Make it visible and available before they click the ‘buy now’ button. 

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8. Use a Page Builder

If you want to build a high-conversion store without needing any coding experience, use a page builder.

There are many advantages to using a page builder, including the ability to design your own store with customized landing pages, product pages, blogs and collections.

Gem Pages and Shogun are two options available on Shopify that have skyrocketed my Shopify sales.

Gem Pages has mobile friendly and responsive web-design that is fully customizable.

It allows you to sync with Facebook Pixel and Google Shopping Catalogue with zero coding required.

Shogun is a drag and drop website builder available on Shopify that will allow you to create an amazing website that is customer friendly, responsive and converts well.

Top Tip: Save yourself time and create responsive pages built to improve sales conversion. Page builders are an effective way to create pages that convert well and create a seamless customer experience.

Increase those Sales on Shopify

increase sales on shopify

There are many ways to increase your sales on Shopify, and having an open mind to learning, changing, and growing is the key to success.

The above tactics are easy to implement, affordable and will work for small and large businesses alike.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried the tactics above and how it worked for you and your business.

Good luck!

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