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How to choose a KILLER money making Blogging niche (Day 2)

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If you want to make money with your blog, the niche you pick matters.

When it comes to choosing your blogging niche, it isn’t as simple as writing a few blog posts and posting affiliate links everywhere in the hopes you’ll make money.

Figuring out what your blog niche will be is Step 1 in your exciting blogging journey.

There is no perfect niche, but there are some topics that are more profitable than others.

When picking a blog niche, it’s important you make sure it’s profitable as well as being something you love.

“Well how do I know what I want to blog about??”, you may ask…

The main thing you want to think about is why people go to blogs in the first place.

And that’s generally because people usually have a problem, they need the solution to.

The blogs that make money and most profitable, are the ones that successfully find solutions to their readers problem.

There is nothing special about this blogging tactic.

Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel.

There’s no harm at following strategies that are already working!

That is the great thing about Blogging. You do not need to be an expert in the topic you write about.

Your objective (mine too) is to create value-rich content that will help people solve a problem.

That’s it!

And this could be anything from the most flattering dresses for women over 40 or providing the best tips for new mums.

The point is…

People are asking a question and then coming to your blog looking for the answer.

Focus on just having enough knowledge about a subject to answer a question and you’ll be fine!

Here’s an idea of some profitable niches you could go into:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Make Money Online
  3. Fashion
  4. Health & Fitness
  5. Food
  6. Parenting
  7. Technology
  8. Beauty
  9. DIY
  10. Lifestyle

1. Personal Finance

With a Personal finance niche, you could research and write about all the ways to handle your money. The great thing about this niche is that you are set to writing about just one thing. You could write about Budgeting one day and Investing the next.

Hugely successful blogs I love:

Making Sense of Cents
The Penny Hoarder
Moms Make Cents

2. Make Money Online

This niche has never been so popular and extremely profitable too! They are so many angles you could go with this niche; from selling your own e-book to reviewing best ways to make money online. Not to mention making money with affiliate links and digital products.

Hugely successful blogs I love:

I like to Dabble
Fin Savvy Panda

3. Fashion

Fashion is another profitable niche where you literally have an infinite amount of topics to write about. Why not write blog posts about millennial fashion or best back to school fashion tips. If this is something you’re interested in, just know that there is definitely money in it. Your life will revolve around Instagram, so get ready…

Blogs that are making money:

The Glam and Glitter
We Wore What

4. Health & Fitness

You’ll need to know a little something about this niche, but if you do, there is an incredible amount of money to be made. Although it’s extremely competitive, there are a a lot of areas of this niche you could go into. Think about a whole website based on the Keto Diet or Nutrition Foods.

Profitable Blogs in this Niche:

Love Sweat Fitness
Hungry Healthy Happy

5. Food

Enjoy cooking or baking? Everyone is always looking for recipes to cook every week so this niche is a HUGE one to start. With a food blog, you’re more than likely to make money through ads on the site, so your traffic needs to be substantial. Pinterest is a great way to promote your posts in this niche, as food appeals visually aesthetic.

Maybe it best to narrow down on a particular cooking style or subniche like gluten free/sugar free meals.

Foods Blogs I love:

Wholesome Yum
Minimalist Baker
Sally’s Baking Addiction

6. Parenting

When I first had my little one, I couldn’t tell you how many mom blogs I went through! There are so many moms out there looking for advice, especially tips on how to get their kids to sleep. Here you have a huge opportunity to make money with paid ads, promoting products on Amazon and even paid sponsorships.

If you’re a mummy and have a wealth of parenting experience, it’s worth it!

Some Mommy Bloggers crushing it:

Mommy On Purpose
Honest Mum
Happy You Happy Family

7. Technology

Every day you have a new tech product on the market. Whether it’s reviewing digital or physical technology products, it’s a phenomenon that is not going anywhere!

You could start a blog reviewing the best webhosts or the

Tech Crunch
Hob Gear
Uber Gizmo

8. Beauty

Do I really need to tell you how big the Beauty industry is right now? If you’re interested in providing tutorials/reviews on the best beauty products out there then you could make a lot of money.

Inspiring Blogs that I love:

British Beauty Blogger
Pixi Woo
Really Ree

Topics in this niche can range from skincare for dry skin to the best silk shampoos.

9. DIY

Do-it-Yourself projects are more popular now than ever. People love to make things and your blog could range from outdoor wood projects to handmade household items.

People are incredibly passionate about this subject. Once they make one thing, they’re more than likely to search your blog for something else to create.

Crazy cool blogs in this niche:

P.S – I made this
Ana White

10. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogger cover a variety of topics which generally revolves around their own personal lives. Many lifestyle bloggers write about things like organization, home décor and travel. Having a lifestyle blog allows you to write about a multitude of topics, but generally relates to your daily life.

Don’t make it too broad and try and keep the topics related, otherwise your readers (or Google) may get confused.

Inspirational Lifestyle blogs:

Cup of Jo
The Londoner
Cocos Tea Party

If you’re niche idea doesn’t fall into these categories… don’t stress!

There are tons of websites out there making money from ‘unsexy’ niches.

Check out my mega list of blogging niches here.

It’s time to really crunch down and be strategic with your niche choices.

Is there a topic you’re particularly knowledgeable about? Are there any subjects you’ve always wanted to get into and learn more about?

This is your opportunity to note them down.

For your niche to work (i.e make money), there needs to be a good amount of people who are also passionate about it.

To help you decide which topics are worth targeting, I’ve listed some tools I still use below:

Semrush – This is a great tool that you can use to find keywords, get competition and find out how many people search for that topic/keyword every month.

Google trends – Such an underutilized tool that allows you to see whether your niche/topic is on an upward trend or dying down.

Keyword Planner – FREE tool by google which will show the Monthly search volume, Competition and Trend all in one place!

To help you get started now… I mean right now. I have a special gift for you.

I’ve included a Blogging niche worksheet for you to use, specifically for this step.

You’ll be able to edit this worksheet digitally or print it out to write on.

Click here to download it now.

By now you should have some idea about the topics you are interested in.

Your action plan:

  • Write down your blogging goals. Just a brief idea of the things you’d like to achieve over the next 1, 3 and 6 months.
  • Use the Blogging Worksheet to think about: the main idea, target audience you’re your readers problems (aka pain points)
  • Next, right down some topic / niche ideas that you’re thinking about and brainstorm 5–10 keyword phrases or topics within that niche that you would write about.

Pro Tips:

Remember you need to be writing about things people want to read. Within each post, you need to be able to solve their problems.

What answer is your reader looking for?

Use the worksheet to write out possible ideas for your blog post titles. This will help you later on down the road and will ensure you blog doesn’t run out of steam.

Enter each of those keywords into Google trends or Semrush to make sure there is enough traffic for you to target.

Check out other blogs (your competition)

It’s a good idea to check out some other blogs to make sure there is definitely a way to make money from your niche. Look out for ads and affiliate links.

Are you going to love writing about this one year from now?

Remember, when considering your niche, you need to have some sort of interest in it to succeed. Otherwise you may lose interest half way through.

If you are passionate about or have some interest in your niche topic, you’re more likely to stay consistent.

Don’t feel like you’re niche is set in stone. You aren’t linked to it forever.

Take things one step at a time and do what you feel is right…right now.

Say it with me…

I will NOT be part of the 90% of bloggers who fail or give up!

I have faith in you and know you can turn this ‘blogging thing’ into a full-time career.

In the next lesson we’ll be diving in the technical part of starting your blog including choosing a domain name and hosting plan.

Plus, more freebie tools to help you Fastrack your success!

I hope lesson 2 gave you some ideas and allowed you to brainstorm potential ideas for the next few months in your blogging journey.

See you all in the next lesson!

Christina x

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