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7 Day Start A Blog E-Course

The secret to growing your blog traffic! (Day 7)

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Hey there!

Congrats! You’ve made it to the last day of our Start a Blog Course!

Don’t worry if you haven’t had time to go over the last lesson yet, you have time.

Try not to get too overwhelmed with all of the information in this course.

It’s made so that you’re able to digest a piece at a time.

Now onto today’s lesson…

It’s all about getting those eyeballs on your blog. The aim, now that you’ve started your blog is to drive traffic.

This part your blogging journey is probably to most important.

What’s the point of creating valuable, well written content if there is nobody to read them?

It may not seem possible to you right now to get a 100 let alone 1,000 people visiting your blog every day, but believe me, it’s possible!

If you take action on the steps laid out below, you’ll soon start to see your traffic increase from 1,000 monthly page views all the way up to 100,000 page views!

In order to boost your blog traffic, it’s vitally important that you:

  • Find out what questions your target audience are asking
  • Find out which platform your target audience spends time on
  • Start building your own audience, using those platforms

Here’s how you to start sending traffic to your blog asap:

1) Focus on SEO from the start

Search Engine Optimization is a term used to describe where you rank on Google. If your blog is optimized well for SEO, then you’ll more than likely rank high on Google.

However, SEO takes time to build up. You may not see immediate traffic from the start but when you do start to see traffic, you’ll see people turning up on your site as if from nowhere.

Here are some tips to get ranking right away:

  •  Concentrate on Producing quality relevant content

Do your research and find out what questions your target audience are asking. My go to is Answer The Public.

All you need to do is type in a search query and it’ll show you all of the questions people are asking on Google.

If you do this, people are more likely to share your content, therefore resulting in more traffic and better ranking on Google.

  • Always add ALT text to your photos

Adding visual elements can not only increase your SEO, but it also helps engage readers.

You should always add relevant keywords to your photos, also known as Alt Text.

This is a great way of adding even more ranking keywords to your blog posts, without them being repeated over and over.

  • Optimize your page for speed and mobile-friendly

If your site has slow loading speeds or the layout doesn’t suit mobile devices then users will bounce (hit the back button, leave your site).

The higher your bounce rate, the less Google will display your site.

You can use the Google Page Speed Insights tool to get some tips on how to improve your site speed.

  • Use your Keyword Research

Remember how I said you need to know what questions your audience is asking? Well, this is where keyword research comes in.

The key is to find keywords that will generate traffic to your blog, but don’t have a ton of competition.

Find out from the start which keywords are searched for the most, with little competition by using a tool like Keywords Everywhere (paid) or Ubersuggest (free).

2) Make Pinterest Your Best Friend

Don’t sleep on Pinterest.

Chances are you found my blog on Pinterest. You’d be surprised how much traffic you can generate to your blog from Pinterest alone.

A social media platform like Pinterest is completely free to use and very interactive, so you can also get real-time feedback from your audience.

Once you get the hang of creating pins and posting them, it becomes so natural!

I create and post pins 2 hours a week and receive thousands of people to my blog every single day.

Depending on your Niche, Pinterest can really help you build an audience.

You’ll want to create a Business account right away. This will allow you to see which pins and boards are doing well.

To start using Pinterest and getting traffic onto your blog, I highly recommend you check out my step by step Pinterest guide for beginners.

Pinterest have also created an extremely useful starter guide for business users here.

Making Pinterest Possible

When I was getting started I soaked in as much FREE information as possible and started to see a small amount of traffic every day.

But, it wasn’t until I invested into Making Pinterest Possible, that I saw my blog traffic catapult into the thousands!

This valuable resource helped my blog traffic grow from 5,000 page views a month to now over 80,000 monthly page views!

It’s crazy when I think about how much my blog has grown over the last year, but there are so many useful resources and tips in this ebook, I understand why it’s done so well.

There is a ton of value there for such an affordable price, PLUS if you use code TSA5OFF, you’ll get $5 off using this link.

Definitely recommend you check it out, as it will really help you get off the ground running.

Succeeding with your blog

I know!

That was A LOT of info, wasn’t it?

Well, the good news is you’ve now completed your 7 Day Start a Blog e-course and now you’re well on your way to creating a money-making dream blog!

Over the next couple days, you’ll hear a some more tips from me about how you can make your blog a success.

If you ever want to reference back to this page (which I’m sure you will need to), don’t forget to mark it as important or put a star next to it so that you can come back for next time.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for taking the course and WELL DONE for taking those first very important steps.

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Stay tuned and remember… the World is your oyster!

Christina x