27 Things to Stop Spending Money on When You’re Broke

March 5th, 2020

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Are you looking for ways to stop spending money and save more money this year?

Nobody likes to talk about cutting costs.

However if you want to save more money in 2020, you need to take a deeper look into the products/services you don’t need and are stopping you from reaching your savings goals.

Lets Look at some ways you can cut your expenses and save more money for the future..

But First…

Analyze your current monthly spend

You need to know exactly where your money is going, and if you have a family, that includes looking into your partners’ finances too.

It’s a very ugly job, but someone has to do it! And that person is you..

You’ll be surprised how many of us are spending on dining out, travel, favourite brands and household bills.

The only way you’ll know what you need to cut, is to put everything down on paper (or a spreadsheet).

It sounds so obvious but…

If you don’t have the money, stop spending!

Stick within your means and if your spending money to try and impress anyone… stop right there!!

No one is talking about depriving yourself of a little treat now and then. But it’s important to consider which purchases are worth making and which services are worth keeping.

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List of Expenses You can Cut

1. Takeaway coffees – Yes this one hurts me too when i’m on a budget! My favourite from Starbucks is a Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot and whipped cream. Instead of splurging $5 every morning (and afternoon), buy a reusable coffee cup, DIY your coffees at home or use the machine at work. If you’re anything like me that’s a potential saving of $3600 a year (shaking my head).

2. Music subscriptions – Make use of all of the music subscription trials out there. By signing up to each plan before the trial is over, you get to listen to at least a years worth of free music (totally legal). You’ve got Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, Amazon Music and so much more. If you don’t want to keep switching, getting a family plan will save you money instantly. Listen to the radio or put up with the adverts between songs, if you don’t want to pay at all.

amazon music

3. Expensive hair treatments – Save money on especially color treatments and cuts by going to beauty colleges or DIY.

4. Cable tv – I’d say I watched about 5-6 hours of cable tv every month before I ditched it. This was a worthwhile sacrifice for me to make, plus Netflix is $9 a month – a 5th of the cost of cable tv.

5. Car insurance – There are savings to be made on any type of bill out there, you just need to shop around and use comparison sites to see if you could be paying less on your car insurance.

6. Travel – If you’re able to walk, cycle and bus it to work, then do it. Train travel and Gas are huge costs that can be avoided by this small sacrifice.

7. Energy bills – Shop around for the best price and service when it comes to energy providers. You’ll be able to save a lot of money by making a switch just before your contract ends. Electric Choice compares the latest energy rates and has reviews too..

8. Monthly delivery memberships – You’ll be surprised how many people have a prime membership when they hardly get anything delivered. If you’re not spending money, you won’t need an Amazon prime will you? This also includes monthly food services..

9. Eating out – Instead of dining out, why not organize nights in with your spouse or friends and family. You cook a relatively cheap meal and ask everyone to bring a bottle. You can take turn with your friends to host an evening once a month. Trust me this one will save you loads of money!


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10. Ditch Meat – Meat is expensive, if you’re on a budget give it a miss or at least cut it down to once a week.

11. Buying Lunch – Stop buying your lunch, buy your ingredients once a week and meal prep all of your lunches for the week. Loads of money to be saved here!

12. Gym Membership – If you’re still a member of the gym and have no money, what are you doing with your life? Cancel that membership; get together with a friend, go running, watch fitness vids on Youtube, do Yoga at home.

13. Going to the movies – Netflix is all you need.

14. Buying new clothes – Go through your closet. Decide what you don’t want and get rid before you buy anything. Do a clothes swap with a friend or sell the clothes you have for cash. If you must buy clothes, shop at the local thrift store or visit Poshmark online.

15. Cellphone plan – If you’re out of contract, see if you could save some money by speaking to your current provider or switching providers. Shop around for savings on Whistle Out and Reviews.org

16. Internet Provider –  Could you be saving money by switching your internet providers once out of a contract? Shop around for the best value internet service provider.

17. Branded groceries – You can make the switch to value groceries. Yes you can!

18. Holidays…really? – Don’t spend money on holidays if you’re not able to afford it. Instead, go on a road trip or go camping with the kids to save money.

19. Bottled anything – Bottle water, bottled sodas, whatever it is, ditch ’em. Drink from the tap, buy a reusable bottle and save loads of money on convenience drinks.

20. Buying Wholesale – This may seems like it’ll save you money in the long run, but we can often end up wasting things or stocking up unnecessarily. 

21. Avoid disposables – This will include paper towels, bottles, tupperware etc

22. Alcohol – If you like the odd drink on the weekend, shop around for cheaper alternative. Don’t go out for cocktails, instead have your own at home. At $10-$15 a pop, who would blame you? Check out Aldi for affordable yet tasty alternatives.

23. Cigarettes – Well if you smoke and say it doesn’t eat into your budget, are you being honest with yourself? Kick the habit, for the sake of your health and bank balance.

24. Eating junk – You’ll be surprise how expensive Junk Food is. Buying a few good ingredients at the beginning of the week and meal prepping, will save you money and force you to be healthier.

25. Dry cleaning – Wash your own clothes and iron them too. Swap out the convenience for cash instead!

26. Household cleaning items – Save on cleaning products and DIY them instead. Reuse the bottle and replace it with some white wine vinegar, water and fragrance oils. 

27. Cut out your usual beauty regime – If you’re regime includes expensive facials, beauty creams and make up products, it’s time to cut it my friend. opt for DIY creams and natural oils instead.

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Once you’re done..

If you feel you’ve cut everything you possibly can and you still need to save more money, why not try a side hustles to bring in extra cash?

The are an endless amount of side jobs you can start to bring more money into your household, but my post on 10 Amazing Ways you can Make Money Online for Free will help you generate a significant amount of side income every month.

Making more money in 2020 is ALWAYS a good option!

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Wrapping things up..

You’ll never be able to save efficiently if you aren’t willing to sacrifice a little.

Look in detail at the list above and be honest about what you’re willing to cut back on.

Some things have more of an emotional connection to us than we realise, so cutting them out completely could affect us in different ways.

Spend one day a month, creating a budget. Make sure you stick to it and you’ll soon see your savings pot start to grow..

Good Luck!

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