16 Ways to Make Money Online While Your at Home

May 3rd, 2021

Some of the links below are affiliate links, so I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Check our disclosure for more info.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, have just been laid off or just looking to make a little extra income on the side, taking up a side hustle can be a great way to make money from home.

There are many ways to generate extra income online and I’m here to run through the simplest yet most lucrative opportunities to make ‘real’ money from home.

There are no scam surveys on here, no pocket money opportunities and all of these jobs I personally have experience with or know people that do.

These are all legitimate ways to make money online and from the comfort of your own home. Better still, they are all available for you to start today!

Consider this your ‘lazy man’s guide to making money online in 2021/2022’.

You’ll notice a few of the jobs are on the “Lazy man’s guide” because, although they require a lot of the work to be done upfront, they for the most part turn into passive income.

Isn’t earning money while you sleep is the ultimate dream?

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Although it’s been around for a while now, affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to make real income online.

It involves promoting products provided by others and earning a commission when a sale is complete.

Creating a blog is a fantastic way to promote your affiliate links and is used by many bloggers.

Although, you don’t need to have a blog to be able to earn money online from affiliate marketing.

You could promote links from Facebook or Twitter, however my favourite ways to promote affiliate products for free would be using Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

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2. Start Your Own Blog

If you have a lot of ideas that you think will be helpful to some people, then start your very own blog.

There are various niches you can choose from, but the right niche will turn your basic blog into a money making blog!

The key here is the write something you’re interested in whilst at the same time producing content based on your readers.

Anything to do with baking and cooking is a great niche, although very popular, because everybody is looking for a recipe.

You could turn your passion for cooking into a blog that makes money!

This is an ideal job for many stay at home moms because you are working on your own schedule.

fantastic and easy ways make money blogging in 2020

It definitely is not a get rich quick kind of side income and a lot of hard work is required up front.

The first month of blogging will be dedicated to creating excellent content driven articles or blog posts.

Blogging is the main way I chose to increase my income as a stay at home mom and I only got started in May last year!


Learn how to create your very own money making blog here..

3. Sign up to Research/Test Websites

There are so many research or test websites where you’re able to earn extra cash.

You just need register and take a short screening to take part in their testing.

Websites like RespondentUser testing Survey Junkie are examples of such market research companies plus they pay well, so it can be a great way to earn some extra cash each month.

By allocating a few minutes each day to some of these market research sites you could easily earn a few hundreds dollars each month.

It can definitely help to bring in a significant amount of extra income if you stick with it and combine it with another one of these side hustles.

4. Create a ‘Drop Servicing’ Website

This is the ultimate job for people looking to make money working from home.

Drop servicing (or service arbitrage) is a new-age business model which allows you to sell a variety of skills and services to clients.

Don’t worry!

You do not need to be trained in any of these services and you won’t be the one that’s going to do the work.

What you would do, is market various services to clients via a landing page using builders like ClickFunnels or Katra.

These services could include:

  • Graphic design cover art for e-books & podcasts
  • professionally written blog posts
  • web design services
  • app design services
  • and so much more!

When someone buys one of your services, you would then outsource the job to somebody on sites such as Freelancer.com, Upwork or Fiverr.

As you can see with the above examples, there are huge profits to be made!

Once you find a paying client you can make money fast even if you are a stay at home mom.

This could also work if you wanted to outsource physical services such as cleaning or gardening.

When a client hires a house cleaner, for example, you would then get a reputable cleaner and send them to the client.

This is really a win-win situation for both you and your workers since both of you will earn.

5. Virtual assistant

With the increase of online stores and rise of social media, virtual Assistants are required more now than ever.

Most of the times many companies like to outsource general repetitive tasks to other people.

Here is where virtual assistants become very useful. 

As a virtual assistant you would complete the general tasks for these businesses and be paid generously for it.

Virtual Assistant jobs can vary depending on the client. Jobs include:

  • making and answering calls
  • Organizing schedules
  • arranging Meetings
  • Managing social media
  • Replying to customer queries
  • Ordering supplies
  • Website maintenance

The list goes on!

If you’re a virtual assistant, anything goes!

The more skills you have the better, as you will be more on demand. 

The great thing about this way to make money online is that you are able to work from home.

So anyone with the right skills can take advantage of it.

6. Find a Remote Part-Time Jobs

Remote jobs are a great way to make money in 2021, more now than it has ever been.

This is because it allows you to work in the comfort of your own home, create your own schedule and doesn’t involve a lengthy commute.

They are widely available with a variety of companies.

Companies offer up remote jobs as a way of them saving money on things like office space, computer equipment and services, electricity etc.

You can start finding a remote part-time job if you just want to top up a little extra cash each month.

How much you earn is really down to how flexible your schedule is. 

Flexjobs is a legitimately professional website for finding remote jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world!

They provide high quality, high paying jobs opportunities to candidates and because of this they charge a small fee of $14.99 a month.

If you are serious about making this part of your routine, then check them out.

7. Sell Your Photos

If you’re able to take a decent picture, you’ll be able to sell these photos online.

Who wouldn’t want to earn money by selling their photos online? 

Nowadays, due to the advance in technology, you don’t even need a fancy camera to take snaps. Your smartphone is often sufficient to take beautiful pictures.

work from home get ready for the day. become more productive

The amount each website pays varies.

Contributors on Adobe Stock can earn anywhere between 20-60%, whereas on Shutterstock you could bag 20-30%.

Because these two sites both offer memberships, the pay is based on how many times your images have been downloaded by their customers each month.

What’s more, you’re not limited to selling just images. Shutterstock also allows you to sell music files, templates and video footage.

If you have a 4k camera, you’re likely to make more money, as this type of footage is highly sought after.

Foap is mobile app that allows you to take pictures and upload them to earn extra cash.

The great thing about this is you can take the pictures once and earn commission from the repeated sales.

Turning this side hustle into Passive income!

8. Proofreading

Is your favourite pass time reading books or articles?

Well you could get paid to proofread documents for large companies.

As a proofreader your job is to correct spelling mistakes and improve grammar.

So if you have an eye for detail, turn it into a thriving fully fledged business.

Check out how here.

9. Selling T-shirts online

This won’t involve you creating a fancy design, getting your merchandise printed and shipping them out yourself.

Websites such as Redbubble allow you to create and sell custom products online.

redbubble print on demand make money online free

In return you earn commissions from every product sold.

The great thing about this business model, is that you do not have to hold inventory, even print the T-shirt or send it to the customer.

Redbubble will do all of this for you!

This is called Print on Demand.

This whole process means you don’t pay for the product until after you’ve actually sold it – hence, no upfront costs! 

Cool huh?

The great news for you is that Redbubble is a destination website, which means you do not need to pay for external traffic!

You do not need to be a graphic designer to be able to sell on this site!

There are many sellers on this site selling some of the most basic T-shirts with wording only!

Once you make your sales, you can get your money via Paypal or bank account.

Check it out here..

10. Open a Dropshipping Ecommerce store

Dropshipping is an online business model whereby an online store advertises products for sale and when the customer buys, the online store would purchase the products from the supplier.

However, Instead of a storing the products, the supplier will directly send the products to the customer. You are the middle man.

Here are the steps to running a successful online store:

  • 1: Choose a niche and a ‘winning’ product
  • 2: Production Selection
  • 3: Setting up the website
  • 4: Finding manufacturers with great products & Images
  • 5: Advertise your store correctly

To get a FREE Step by step guide on exactly how to do this, click here..

Learn how to do this step by step here and be on your way to making a passive income online.

11. Start an Instagram niche page

A great way to make money from Instagram is to start an Instagram Niche page .

The earning potential with Instagram is honestly endless but you need to be in for the long haul..

Starting a niche page doesn’t have to be daunting.

Simply find a lucrative niche, create an Instagram page and regularly post relevant and creative content. 

start an instagram niche page in 2020 make money online

This content doesn’t have to be your own but you’d be more successful if was created by you.

Before you know it, you’ll have a large following with the ability to promote your own products as well as other people’s products (for a commission or fee).

There are Instagram pages that repost other peoples makeup videos and they make money from selling ads/shoutouts and promoting clothing, shoes & phone cases etc.

Choose a niche that isn’t too saturated, you’ll have a higher chance of likes, follows and engagement.

Eventually you may be able to create your own E-commerce site on Shopify and once you have enough followers start promoting your own niche specific products!

12. Become a social media manager

Who isn’t an active social media user in 2021? All of us are active on social media and this gives people like you an me excellent money making opportunities.

YES! You can actually earn a full time income managing other businesses social media accounts. 

The fact that you’re already on social media automatically gives you an advantage

Plus, if your organizational and planning skills are up to par, then becoming a social media manager is definitely for you.

To get started as  Social Media Marketer, you will need to have in depth knowledge about the different types of platforms and keep up to date with certain trends.

There are an infinite amount of resources on Youtube, so you can learn a little more about this money making (2021 and beyond) career.

If you’d like more in depth training on the art of social media management, then check out Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning community where skills are discovered and learned through the aid of project-based classes.

You get 2 months COMPLETELY FREE when you sign up using my link.

Once you know everything you think you need to know, try visiting Freelancer sites such as Flexjobs, Upwork and Freelancer to start looking for job opportunities jobs.

You can make a pretty penny if you help small businesses or other professionals build buzz and their social media following.

13. Refer Your Friends

How many times have you told your friends and family about an amazing product/service you love? 

If the answer is a lot, then you could’ve been earning quite a bit by now.

A majority of companies out there have refer a friend programs that will pay you in cash or credit for bringing in new customers.

Ibotta and Rakuten are among my favourite referral sites as their rewards are generous. 

When you refer a friend, you get $25 and they earn $10.

What more could you ask for sending a link to a friend?

refer a friend with rakuten

Often you will have a special link to share. You can post it on social media or include it in an email.

If it’s a product or service you are asked about a lot, it may even be worth your time to get cards printed up with your link that you can hand out.

Look out for companies that are offering a refer a friend program, start up your own website and then use your special link to make money.

14. Flip domain names

Buying and then selling a domain for a profit is called “Domain Flipping” and the idea is that you purchase the domain as cheap as possible.

Then you would sell the domain, as is, to an interested party for more than you originally paid.

It involves the low cost purchase of a domain, only for it to be sold a short time after for a much higher price.

Some domains sell a few weeks to months after purchase and some do not sell until years after. This all depends how sought after these domains are.

Although it’s a fairly simple process, requiring no real skills, there is always risk involved. 

Here’s a more in-depth overview of the process:

  1. Research your niche thoroughly 
  2. Use short catchy names, purchase .com’s if possible
  3. Re-list the domain names
  4. Wait for buyers
  5. Sell and profit

Websites such as Spamzilla allow you to purchase expired domains and hold on to them until your ready for the big sell. Spamzilla provide you with access to expired domains that already have domain authority.

These types of domains are the best ones to sell, as they have been out in the world wide web for a while.


  • Trends always work well – make sure they are sold before the trend starts to die
  • Stay up to date with latest news, products and memes etc
  • Do not buy a domain with a possible trademark issue!
  • Try and get a .com account as these are the most valuable

15. Flip & Sell Websites

Flipping websites can be an extremely profitable way to make money online.

Rather than start from scratch, many businesses require seasoned, ready to go websites that have been able to gain some authority over time. 

The process (which can either be a long or short process) of buying and selling websites is called “Website Flipping”. The idea is that you purchase a site that has extreme potential, fix it up and sell it for a decent profit.

Flipping websites as a process is pretty straightforward.

You can use sites such as EmpireFlippers, Trademysite and Freemarket.to find websites for sale. 

The thing is you need to do extensive research into how you are able to make that site better and more valuable. For example, you would:

  • Check the number of people that visit the site each month
  • Check the amount of money the site currently earns
  • Check the authority/ranking the site has on Google etc
  • Check Google Search Console to check for any issues

If the site checks all of the boxes, you would then purchase it.

How you make your money is all in the improvements you make to increase traffic and revenue.

If you have money to invest, then website flipping could be a great option for you.

16. Generate leads for businesses

Business often require new customers (leads) to promote their products to.

You can get started selling leads to businesses without experience. This is why selling leads online is a great way to make money.

There are 2 main ways you can make money generating leads for businesses:

  1. Use a site like MaxBounty to promote offers for businesses in return for a small commission
  2. Set up your own website/landing page to collect leads and then offer leads to businesses

The main aim of collecting business leads is to offer them to businesses looking to increase traffic on their on sites.

With the help of the customers email address (and possibly other details), businesses will then be able to promote various offers in the future or collect vital research, which makes a lead very valuable to them.

Businesses don’t mind paying you per lead because they know they could make so much more through their email marketing.

Getting traffic to the advertisers site is the tricky part of this system. You can either generate leads through organic or paid traffic methods.

Organic traffic is traffic that appears on your website that are generated using “unpaid” methods. 

Paid traffic is traffic that you get from using “paid” ads, like Google/facebook Ads, to drive traffic to the website/landing page.

If you are committed you are able to make a lot of money from this.

Once you set the system up, it becomes relatively hands off. Which is ideal for those that already have a job or busy schedule.


Create a bridge landing page

lead generation tips on the web

Whichever traffic method you use, DO NOT direct the user straight to the advertisers website. Create a landing page of your own with Kartra or Clickfunnels or a blog for example.

The reason for this is to capture the leads yourself to be used for email marketing at a later date.

This is especially useful if you start a Blog within the same niche.

You would capture the reader’s email address (using your own landing page) and then send them to the advertisers lead page.

Later on down the line you would be able to use the email address you captured to promote a product of your own (or an affiliate product).

Free exposure!

Final thoughts..

The road to financial freedom definitely is not easy but they are proving easier with the above methods.

Try one of these side hustles and if it doesn’t work, move onto the next one that most suits you.

The thing I love about the world we live in today is there are so many opportunities! Virtually anyone from anywhere can start making money online!

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

Don’t be afraid to take the leap!

Whether it’s part time or full time side hustles, give it your all and don’t look back.

I hope that I have helped you get some ideas on how best to make money online in 2021 and onwards.

Give everything your full dedication and hard work, and I don’t see why you couldn’t make up to $10000 per month.

If you try any of the methods or would like to know more about them, comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

Good Luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!




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