What Sells Best on Etsy in 2021/2022

October 12th, 2021

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Want to know what sells best on Etsy in 2021/2022?

Whether you’re looking to sell on Etsy in the UK, USA, Canada or around the world, the earning potential is huge!

Etsy is a Universal marketplace for sellers all of the world to advertise their products (physical and digital) to customers all over the world.

It’s a wonderland of unique and custom products for all to enjoy!

Etsy is a relatively new online marketplace, launching in 2005, and generated revenues worth 1.7 bllion U.S. dollars, up by more than 100 percent on the revenue of the previous year. 

The great thing about Etsy, is that most of the sellers are independent sellers like you!

Which means, there’s no reason why you cannot start a successful (and profitable) store on Etsy in 2021 & 2022.

Buyers flock to Etsy to find products they won’t be able to buy anywhere else.

Often products they won’t be able to make themselves, such as engraved jewellery or a handmade quilt.

What makes Etsy the Go-To Online Marketplace

Many sellers have successfully sold products on Etsy and made a substantial amount of money over the years.

Etsy is the go-to place for handmade or custom-made items, that’s a given.

But in 2021, Etsy has grown to so much more than that with the introduction of Print on Demand items and Digital products (more on that later).

The possibilities are endless on Etsy and although you have a lot more competition than you did a few years back, there is still huge potential to make a lot of money.

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Why start selling on Etsy

There are several reasons why you should use Etsy as your first choice marketplace.

1. Done for you system

Many sellers do not want the hassle of setting up their own E-commerce platform or designing their own website.

This is where Etsy steps in. They have everything ready for you to list a product and sell. 

Not only does Etsy give you the freedom to customize your shop as if it’s your own website, but they also offer the capabilities of a fully fledged e-commerce store all in one.

Etsy allows each seller to set up a customized online “shop” with full e-commerce capabilities by using its simple setup wizard.

It’s easy, fast, affordable, and an effective way to reach consumers.

2. Extremely low start up costs

Remember you aren’t having to pay to start your own website or pay to find customers to sell to.

The only costs you’ll incur are to list your item for sale ($0.20 per item) and the selling fee once your items are sold (5% of all sales).

You pay for the shipping to the customer, if it’s a physical item.

In the grand scheme of things, this is extremely low and the reason why many sellers have made this platform their no.1 choice.

3. The Customers Come To You

Etsy is an easy to navigate platform that is fully optimized for both buyers and sellers.

There is no need to find customers to sell on Etsy, because in 2019 alone, they had over 45 million active buyers visit their site.

This means customers to the platform specially to find your product. With this targeted traffic, and as long as your product is chosen & branded well, you’ll see customers coming to your listing without having to do the searching.

How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Etsy

This stage of your Etsy journey is crucial.

You cannot just list a product you think will do well on Etsy and hope for the best. The success of your store will depend on a product that has the perfect balance of:

High demand : Low competition

A great way to find out what sells the best on Etsy, is to look at what is already working for other sellers.

The aim here, is not to piggy bank off of their success with copycat products, but to get an idea of what is selling and how you can adapt it to make it yours.

Etsy Product Research

The following is my method for finding ‘winning’ products to create and sell on Etsy:

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy

You can use a tool like eRank (You need to have an account to view this page – it’s free) to lookup Top sellers on Etsy. You can also see which Etsy Sellers made the most sales day by day:

topsellers on etsy 2020 best selling products

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy (1)

Once you have the Top Sellers/Most Sales, check them out on Etsy to see what they’re selling. On their Profile, click on the number or sales.

Plannerkate1 top sellers on etsy 2020 best selling products

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy (2)

You’ll then be shown a list of all the products sold by that particular seller. From there you can get a rough idea of which products are selling.

what sells the best on Plannerkate1 etsy shop

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy (3)

Once you’ve researched a few top sellers and the products they are selling, your next step is to enter these into the Etsy Search engine to see what kind of competition this product has.

An easier way to see which products are most searched for is to use eRank.

On eRank’s paid plan, you’ll be able to see how many searches a particular keyword gets compared to the potential competition (Remember – High Demand : Low competition).

erank competition on etsy vs search volume (1)

For example, if you see a product/keyword has 1,200 searches per month but there is a total of 20,000 competing products on Etsy, then that a bad sign.

There are just too many products on the marketplace to contend with and not enough people searching for it.

The above is a good example of in depth product research and should give you some idea if the product you want to sell on Etsy will make money or not.

Once you’ve intensively researched the product you’ve chosen to sell, the rest will simply fall into place.

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What Sells Best On Etsy

what to sell on etsy what sells on etsy in 2020 - step by step guide on how to chose the best products to sell on Etsy

This is the part of your Etsy journey that requires the most thought.

What sells the best on Etsy?

Over the last 4 months there has a been a surge in products related to COVID-19 and therefore the usual best selling categories (pre COVID) have changed and have therefore been pushed down the list.

So you have an idea of what’s selling RIGHT NOW, i’ve researched the top selling categories on Etsy right now:

  • Craft Supplies and Tools
  • Wedding
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories

When looking at the Best Selling items on Etsy in 2021 and going into 2022, there was a clear category winner which was Craft Supplies & Tools.

Here are the Top 5 Etsy Sellers Globally:

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy

Etsy Shop: PlannerKate1
Category: Craft Supplies & Tools
Total no. of sales: 1,136,040 sales
What sells best on their Etsy shop: Stickers

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy (1)
Etsy Shop:
Category: Craft Supplies & Tools
Total no. of sales: 689,173 sales
What sells best on their Etsy shop: Beads

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy (2)
Etsy Shop: ModParty
Total no. of sales: 663,135 sales
What sells best on their Etsy shop: Bridesmaid Gifts 

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy (3)

Etsy Shop: yakutum
Category: Craft Supplies & Tools
Total no. of sales: 662,868 sales
What sells best on their Etsy shop: Accessories

step by step method to find what sells best on etsy
Etsy Shop:
Category: Craft Supplies & Tools
Total no. of sales: 611,742 sales
What sells best on their Etsy shop: Accessories

Something to bear in mind about these Top Sellers is the number of years they’ve been selling on Etsy.

Some of these figures look impressive, but some have been on the platform over 6 years.

On eRank, you can also check out the ‘Most Sales Yesterday’ column, which gives you the names of the Etsy Sellers who made the top sales day by day.

This is perhaps a little more relevant to what is selling now. 

Check out eRank’s ‘Most Sales’ results here (You need an eRank account to view this page – it’s free).

Top Products to Sell on Etsy in 2021/2022

Given that our best selling category on Etsy is Craft Supplies & Tools, lets have a look at the top products you can start selling right now:

1. Planners

Just type Planners into any Keyword Research Tool and you’ll see just how big this product is. Both physical and digital planners are selling extremely well on Etsy, Google and Amazon.

The great thing about this niche is that you could literally create a shop for a wide range of planners. This could include:

  • Life Planners
  • Meal Planners
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners
  • Budget Planners
  • Financial Planners

What’s more, you can expand your shop slowly by providing add ons for your planners such as stickers, extra pages, bundles and other accessories,

2. Personalized Jewelry

Whether it’s a jewelry piece to give to a friend as a gift or a piece of jewelry to remember loved ones, this is a market that will never truly die.

Jewelry is very popular on Etsy, but what makes this a great niche is being able to have custom made jewelry at affordable prices.

3. Personalized Pet Products

Pet products are an extremely competitive niche not just on Etsy, but on other online marketplaces.

However, people love their pets, spend money on their pets and there is definitely room for personalized pet products.

Take particular interest in memorial pet products and custom pet wall art.

4. Wall Art

Over the last 5 years, there has a huge number of searches for wall art.

Home decor is a big market on Etsy and people are looking for something that is totally different to what they would find on Amazon on in the shops.

A lot of sellers are offering customized Wall Art and this is definitely something Etsy can offer, where the others cannot.

5. Wedding Related Products

It seems like there’s always someone getting married nowadays.

Whether it’s a wedding gift or personalized bridesmaid gift, this market is huge potential.

I can’t think of any other online marketplace to shop for personalized wedding products, so Etsy definitely holds the torch for that one.

ModParty are the top seller on Etsy in the Weddings category and they have created a beautiful store featuring customized wedding related items.

6. Digital Products

The Online world is evolving and continues to expand every single year.

Digital products are on the rise and they are HUGE on Etsy right now. If you’re able to ride the digital wave, go for it!

With digital products, you’re able to offer Instant Downloads.

These are editable/non edit files that you can upload onto Etsy, so that the customer can download the item as soon as the purchase is made.

This means, you’re able to create the product once and reap the benefits of multiple sales, without having to do a thing!

Other digital products include website themes, design templates and 

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Tips for a Successful Etsy Store

Brainstorm potential products

Before you open your shop you should write down a list of potential products within the niche you have chosen.

Even if you don’t list them all at once, at least you’ll have ideas from the very beginning of what you can sell down the line.

Utilize Google Trends

When researching products, pop them into Google Trends and get an idea whether the product is dying down or on the rise.

List multiple products at one time (if you can)

If you’re selling something like a weekly planner it makes sense to create a listing for a daily and monthly one too.

You’re more likely to increase your average order value that way

Calculate your profit margins and ROI

Get your figures right before you list your items on Etsy.

It’s important to know your profit margins and return on Investment (ROI) to ensure you can actually make money.

Track your products on Etsy

Once you’ve got your top product choices, start tracking their sales on Etsy over the course of a week or two.

This will give you an idea of how many sales you could make every day.

Use High Quality Images

A good product pic will make or break your success on Etsy.

Buyers often choose the products they like the look of the best, so spend time getting those pictures just right.

Pinterest is your best friend

Use Pinterest to promote your products on Pinterest. Create multiple eye-catching pins and link directly to your Etsy store.

Pinterest is a visual search engine and could increase your traffic significantly.

Always provide good customer service

Good reviews on any online marketplace will improve sales and give customers more reason to trust your brand.

Send out courtesy emails and reply promptly to any enquiries. 

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What’s your Take Away?

If you’re looking to get started making sales straight away or just want to test the market, Etsy is an affordable and simple way to do just that.

Nowadays, there are a wide range of places you’re able to promote and sell your own products and Etsy has proven to be a great option.

Starting any kind of online business requires a lot of hard work done upfront, but Etsy really does give you a head start and there are great tools to help you find the product that’s right for you.

Once you find a product(s) that sells, you’ll be able to branch out to your own online store or blog in no time.

Whichever product you decide to sell, it’s important to do extensive research and create a brand.

Over time you can include all of your social media platforms and increase your reach.

Don’t lose hope, if your sales are slow in the beginning.

Just like my advice for starting a blog, you may not see huge results in the beginning but do not lose hope.

As time goes on you’ll be able to see which products are doing better than others and hopefully be able to step back and see how you can improve your site.

Within a year, you could make a decent full or part time income selling products on your very own Etsy store.

Which best selling items on Etsy are you interested in selling?

I hope you found inspiration from the above product ideas and you take the step to create your own Etsy Store. You now know What sells best on Etsy.

Ready to get started? Which products do you think you’d be able to sell on Etsy?

Comment below and as always Good Luck!

I created this blog to provide super helpful information and advice regarding all things health and wealth. I love creating content related to making money online and also ways to live a happy and healthy life. Enjoy!

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