Why I decided to switch from Bluehost to Siteground

June 21st, 2020

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I began my journey with Bluehost hosting in May 2019 when I started my only blog (this one). Bluehost was highly recommended by several top bloggers.

If you were to do a search on Google for the “Best Web Hosting”, a host of Bluehost reviews would appear on the first page.

A majority of these sites are recommending Bluehost as the top choice.

While Bluehost is probably the most popular web host around town, they are most certainly not the best…in my opinion.

Whether you’re looking for the best web host for your new website or want to make the switch from Bluehost, today I’m going to go through the reasons why Bluehost shouldn’t be a contender and why Siteground is..

Choose the right Web host when you launch

When you launch a website, whether it’s for your new business or new blog, it can be a very exciting and at the same time, daunting process.

Choosing a Web Host is one of the most important decisions to make from the very start. It has a huge part to play in the overall success of your website.

The great thing about launching a website in 2020, is that there are multiple web hosts offering hosting solutions for everybody.

Many of them offer extremely competitive prices and it is a relatively easy process to get up and running.

I finally made the move to Siteground, after a year of significant periods of downtime and slow to poor site speeds.

What Bluehost does well

Bluehost is an affordable choice for many new bloggers and business owners.

Their lowest priced plan starts at only $2.95 per month, PLUS, they offer you a free domain for a year when you sign up.

That is pretty cool since most domains will have you out $15/year.

Considering their lowest price plan and free domain, will cost you just under $36 a year, that isn’t too shabby for those who are just starting out and have very little money.

They also have a very strong reputation out there in the world wide web. The domain and website set up with Bluehost was a relatively straightforward process.

The problems with Bluehost Web Hosting

1. Downtime Issues

I installed a plugin called Jetpack, which helps your website loads quicker and is supposed to eliminate security issues.

The great thing about Jetpack, is that they give you notifications via email every single time your website goes down (aka downtime).

It seemed that every other week, I was receiving a notification to inform me my site has gone down. The periods of downtime would sometimes be 2 mins and other times 2-3 hours.

When your blogging, you want your site to stay up all the time for your readers to see.

The amount of downtime when I was with Bluehost was just plain unacceptable.

2. Website Speed & Performance

The whole point of visiting a website, is to gather information and quickly.

Most readers leave a site if the load time goes beyond 3 seconds.

When you choose a web host, you want to make sure they are able to handle your files and deliver them to the reader as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, at the time I started my blog, I listened to many (many) top bloggers who all seemed to recommend Bluehost as a Web Host.

Little did I know I was getting the short end of the stick.

My website speed was extremely slow and I couldn’t figure out why. After optimizing all of my image and deleting unnecessary plugins, I soon realized that this issue could be with my hosting provider.

A completed search on GTmetrix, showed me how long it was taking my site to load.

To load my site alone without images/text/requests (Bluehosts’ job), it was taking Bluehost a massive 6.4 seconds!


After doing some research I realized the issue was the number of sites they heaped onto one server.

This was a revelation to me and within a week I made the switch to Siteground.

Since then I haven’t looked back, everything has been smooth sailing in terms of website speed and performance.

Have a look.. (so satifisying to see A’s on a report card!)


3. Owned by EIG (The brand with the Bad Rep)

EIG are also known as the Endurance International Group and own a large portion of web hosting services.

While you might think that you’re getting the best value web hosting from the largest and most well known companies, when it comes to EIG you need to think again.

Because they control so many web hosting companies like Bluehost, they are unable to give quality service to one web host alone.

Bluehost was acquired by EIG in 2011 and since then has received a host of terrible ‘honest’ reviews.

I can only make the assumption that the bad reviews Bluehost have received since 2011 are connected to the take on by EIG, as company set on increasing their web host portfolio.

Over the years there have been several reports from many EIG owned web hosts, where customers have seen a huge decline in support, increased website speeds and website downtime.

All of these hosts take a chunk out of, what’s called, shared hosting. When a major brand like EIG takes on a huge number of providers, servers become overloaded and the customer service is affected greatly.

This alone should be a reason to stay away from any EIG owned web hosts, such as Bluehost.

4. Customer Support

If you do a quick search of Bluehost customer support on google, scroll down and you are sure to find Bluehost on TrustPilot.

A deeper search on TrustPilot will see a host of customers reporting terrible customer service.

When your site is at risk, the last thing you want is to be waiting over 30 minutes for a customer services rep to get back to you.

Which is what happened the last time my site was down for over 2 hours back in January 2020.

The reality is, EIG own Bluehost and they control the customer service agents across this and 88 other providers.

Just have a look at some unhappy Bluehost customers on facebook:

The customer service is going to be limited, and quite frankly very impersonal, when they only have so many agents to help you out.

Since I switched over to Siteground, I have never had an issue getting in touch with their customer support.

5. Security is lacking

As a website owner you want to make sure you site is secure from hackers, and while there is no way to 100% avoid it, choosing a web hosting that offers a high level of security is a deal breaker. 

While my site has never actually been hacked, I discovered the reason why many other sites with Bluehost have been.

They offer protection from Cloudflare, which is a third party supplier.

While there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your security measures, you ultimately want a web host that contains all of your data in one place which will limit to ability to hack your site.

While Bluehost’s additional security features you’ll have to pay for, Siteground offers a top notch security system to prevent evil bots and malicious attacks as part of their plans.

6. Everybody is recommending them including WordPress

This, you should see as a huge red flag in itself. Why are so many website owners and bloggers recommending Bluehost.

The simple reason is money.

Bluehost offer their affiliates $65 for every single sale they make and this figure only goes up if you are able to bring in more and more sign ups.

Tiered commissions go all the up to $130 for each sign up, depending on the amount of people you refer and which plans they go for.

Just because lots of people are offering up their affiliate links and recommending Bluehost, does not mean they are the right web hosting choice for you.

Bluehost offer great incentives as an affiliate.

A lot of people are making a lot of money every day from Bluehost and as an affiliate their program is a no brainer!

Although Bluehosts’ basic plan ($2.95/month) deal sounds attractive, in reality you only actually end up paying that price if you commit to 36 months! 

The initial amount when you sign up alone will be $106.

The price goes up to $4.95 a month with a 12 month commitment.

Why you should go with Siteground instead?

Customer service

Siteground is a different type of beast when it comes to web hosting. Their customer service since joining has been excellent and the switch over process was made incredibly easy.

And customers agree with me, with a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot:

The customer service is one you cannot match with Web Hosts on the market right now, especially with most of them owned by EIG.

Site Speeds

As I mentioned earlier, my site was super slow when I was connected to Bluehost. The site loading speed improved by 5 seconds.

Now, thanks to Siteground and with other changes to optimize my site, the total loading time of my site is now 2.4s.

Website loading speeds are one of (if not) the most important factors when considering a Web Host. The GTmetrix reports I show you above speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a site with incredible loading times, then Siteground is the biggest contender.

99% Uptime

Not only is it faster loading, but I have not had 1 moment of downtime in 4 months. Siteground also promise to provide its customers with 99% uptime year round. 

If this isn’t reason enough for you to make the switch, have a read of this article which gives you all the reasons why Siteground is the best choice for your new web hosting provider.

Enhanced Security

I have never had a security breach/issue with my site since joining Siteground. That was nearly 6 months ago.

That alone, should speak volumes about just how good they are.

Siteground are proactive with their security measures and they deal with everything internally, rather than outsourcing like Bluehost.

The extended security is a huge bonus and should not be underestimated.

Daily Backups

I didn’t realize how important website backups were until last year, when I lost posts I had worked on for days.

Siteground will back up your site daily absolutely free and they do it in the background. All you need to do is contact them and they’ll restore it for you!

If for any reason, you lose info on your site, Siteground will be able to restore any saved data for 30 days. Trust me, if you’ve ever lost info, you’ll realize what a life saver having daily backups this is.

Free Website Migration

Siteground offer FREE website migration for those of you making the switch to them. Trust me this was a huge weight off my shoulders, when I first signed up.

I didn’t want to lose my site info but they handled this whole process beautifully.

The Bottom Line

Even if you aren’t switching over, Siteground is a great choice for new bloggers/website owners. 

It’s honestly incredible to see the change switching to Siteground has made for my blog.

If uptime and website speed are not important to you, Bluehost offer a good deal on their starter plan. But rest assured you will eventually run into some issues down the line.

You shouldn’t only factor in price when looking for a web host, because you’ll end up paying more down the line. 

If you want to check Siteground out for yourself and make sure they’re the right fit for you, click right here.

I hope you found this post useful, Good luck!

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