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5 Reasons You Should Start Your Blog THIS WEEK (Day 1)

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Starting a blog could really change your life..

Still not convinced?

The possibility of living a life where I make money while I sleep, that was my goal!

And I knew that just wasn’t possible with a 9 to 5.

Let’s be clear, this blog will take work..

It’s a long, challenging slog at first but the rewards 100% outweigh this initial upfront investment of your time.

Day 1 of this blogging series is all about you finding out why you’re here..

I knew from Day 1, that I wanted to start a blog to make money. That was my main goal.

Your reason for starting a blog are probably different to mine when I first got started..

What’s your why?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but it’s important you figure this out in the beginning so you know exactly where you’re going.

Here are some FANTASTIC reasons why you SHOULD start your blog now..

1) REAL Passive Income

If you push through, you’ll eventually have a successful blog that gets upwards of $5,000 or even $10,000 a month.

I’ve managed to build this blog to make over $5,000 a month and for me that is #GOALS!

A good portion of that money is COMPLETELY PASSIVE – meaning I do not lift a finger (now) to make that money every month.

Just think of all the bills you could pay with money you earn on the side as passive income?

Even though I’ve managed to earn a full time income within a year of starting my blog, I’ve still got LOADS TO LEARN!

You should Always Be Learning.

The important note I want you to take from this first day is that you just need to get started!

Start now, and learn along the way..

2) More time for the things you love!

When was the last time you woke up late Monday to Friday or went on a 4 week long all inclusive holiday with the fam?

It’s totally possible with blogging!

Even though, with blogging, hardwork is required upfront, eventually you’ll be able to turn blogging into a hobby instead of full time job.

I spend 4 hours every week creating content for my blog and scheduling pins.

My blog is something I am proud of because it was built from the ground up and it didn’t take that long.

Many businesses take a lot longer to become profitable and require much more investment upfront!

3) Share your own experiences

As well as the ability to make money while you sleep, you’ll also have the opportunity to share what you’ve learnt.

There could be someone out there looking for the exact story your willing to share. I know I’ve read stories from other bloggers that have completely changed my life, haven’t you?

You’ll also get to connect with other bloggers and share your lessons with them.

It can be lonely in the blogging world, so talking to others in the same boat as you is refreshing.

4) You just learn so frigging much!

Not only do you get to communicate with other like-minded people in the blogging world, you’re also learning something new every…!

It’s not just about the writing, it’s about the research, the communication, the technology and so much more.

5) One of the CHEAPEST ways to start a successful business online

When I started selling on Amazon back in 2017, I invested at least $2500 upfront for wholesale stock, professional images, Amazon fees etc.

You can start your blog nowadays for as low as $3.95 a month. That’s crazy!

And if you talk to a lot of online entrepreneurs, they’ll tell you it costs a lot more to start Dropshipping Amazon FBA or Investing.

For a small investment $3.95/month, you could earning a full time income in less than a year like I am..

Trust me on this one, it’s so easy to get set up and if you don’t fancy it within 30 days you’ll get your money back..

Bluehost are probably the best budget option for newbie bloggers. Not only do they offer low cost web hosting and great support but they’ll chuck in a FREE domain to get you started.

Not bad, ey?

Later on during this course, I’ll go through why I think Bluehost is a great option for starting out, plus another option for those looking to hit the ground running.

Blogging has literally changed my life, and I only wish I could jump out at the screen to emphasize just how much you could change your life too…

You’ll be able to get paid to write about things that interest you and the best part is it won’t feel like a job!

On the days you start to feel unmotivated, which will most likely happen in your journey, look back at this email and remember all the reasons why you should keep going!

Stay tuned for the next lesson because I’ve got some serious value bombs for you (plus some freebies to make you smile).

I hope I’ve helped you realize why starting a Blog in 2021 is the best thing you can do.

Talk soon!

Christina x

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